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Watchmaking from Glashütte: Nomos has combined artisan tradition with modern and bold watch designs for over 25 years. Paradoxically, the timepieces stand out thanks to their minimalist design. Modern and timeless, Nomos watches are universal and elegant mechanisms that can be worn during the everyday.
Nomos: History, Models and Prices. New & Vintage.

German craftsmanship: watches from Nomos

Discover the world of Nomos watches online.

Watchmaking from Glashütte: Nomos has combined artisan tradition with modern and bold watch designs for over 25 years. Paradoxically, the timepieces stand out thanks to their minimalist design. Modern and timeless, Nomos watches are universal and elegant mechanisms that can be worn during the everyday.

  • With a manufacturing team in Glashütte, Saxony and a designer team in Berlin, Nomos creates the perfect symbiosis of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design.
  • Nomos installed its own in-house manufactured movements in its timepieces since 2005.
  • The Nomos Tangente was presented in 1992 and is considered to be the most popular model from Nomos.
  • Roger Moore, Bill Clinton and many German celebrities rely on the precise timepiece.
Since 1990

The young spirited watchmakers from Glashütte

The company was founded in 1906 under the name of “Nomos” in Glashütte. Therefore, the name Nomos Glashütte is representative of the watchmaking town that the timepieces are manufactured. The company, which has existed since the beginning of the 20th century, initially imported watches from Switzerland and fastened them with the name “Glashütte”. Today’s Nomos manufacturer would never stand for these forged practices and indeed, Dusseldorf born Roland Schwertner re-founded the company in 1990. Today, the timepieces from Nomos Glashütte do not only convince by their outward designs but also with their impressive and authentic inner workings. The company has been manufacturing its own impressive in-house movements since 2005.

With over 25-years of history, Nomos can be considered a young company in comparison to many traditional houses. But the company does not let its fresh history affect its standing in the watch-making world. Nomos has quickly positioned itself in the watch market and when it comes to the development of Nomos watch models, the company collaborates with young and creative designers from nearby Berlin allowing for a modern and refined feel.

The Nomos Tangente

A star in the watch universe

The Tangente is known as the model that propelled the reputation of Nomos timepieces among watch collectors. A modern yet classic feel characterizes the Susanne Günther designed watch. The design elements perfectly align with the philosophy of the award winning company.Consistent with Bauhaus aesthetic, form definitely follows function in the Nomos Tangente. The watch presents a simple and highly legible design.

Furthermore, it is a high-quality timepiece that leaves behind unnecessary frills. The Tangente has been equipped with the precise Nomos Alpha hand wound movement since 2005. The design of the Glashütte region can immediately be recognised in Nomos timepieces. Clean lines and simple shapes go hand in hand with the first-class workmanship of the watch.

The outstanding design language of the company is not only well received by clientele and watch enthusiasts, but also by experts in watchmaking and horology. Among several honours, Nomos has received the German Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award, and the Golden Balance Award. Since the inception of the company, Nomos has won over 120 prizes in the field of watch design and quality.

Independent Production

The Swing-System

The watch escapement, also known as the Nomos Swing-System, lies at the heart of each watch Nomos watch. It consists of a balance, a balance spring, and an escape wheel and pallet. The system is responsible for ensuring that a watch movement remains precise. Any watch connoisseur will know that the higher the quality of the escapement, the more accurate the timepiece will be. The creation of such a system is regarded as extremely complex and expensive.

Therefore, most watch manufacturers – particularly smaller manufacturers – purchase this finished mechanism from Switzerland and fit them into their own timepieces. Nomos, however, in cooperation with the Dresden University of Technology, has developed its own escapement system. Nomos has therefore liberated itself from suppliers and has taken a big step towards independent watchmaking.

An escapement mechanism must be created so that each part of the instrument is highly customised and accurate. Of greater importance is the interplay of the separate parts among one another. It is only when the entire oscillating system operated in perfect harmony that the timepiece is absolutely precise. As a result, accuracy, strength, and the longevity of a watch are highly dependent on this horological element.

Nomos wristwatches – an inspiration for the prominent

Bill Clinton, Roger Moore und Sylvester Stallone

A refined minimalist design paired with strength and durability – a design language that is understood and highly appreciated all over the world. It is not only watch lovers who are drawn to the overall design and quality of the timepieces, but also many influential politicians and famous celebrities who support the brand. The former US president Bill Clinton is known to sport the Nomos Tangente Millennium around his wrist while the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier wears the classic Tangente. The same timepiece can also be spotted on the wrist of director and Oscar winner Florian Henckel.

For Doctors Without Borders

Glashütte watches for a good cause

Nomos has created special editions of its timepieces for the Humanitarian aid organization Doctors Without Borders. The watches serve a good cause since 100 euros, dollars, or pounds are donated to the organization from each special edition timepiece that is sold. The Nomos goal is to donate over one million dollars to Doctors Without Borders. The special edition timepieces are distinguished by the “Doctors Without Borders” lettering below the six o’clock marker. Some of the case backs of the watches also incorporate a distinctive engraving. Furthermore, the 12 o’clock marker is decorated in red and the hands fitted on the dial of the watch are black instead of blue. The special edition timepieces consist of 8 models, each of which 1000 watches is produced for Doctors Without Borders.

Buying & selling online

Nomos watches at CHRONEXT

At CHRONEXT you can buy an exklusive selection of Nomos watches online at attractive prices - available for immediate delivery and with a 24-month CHRONEXT warranty. If you are interested in the lower price segment, you should consider buying a used Nomos watch. Depending on the reference and model, you can buy used Nomos watches in our online shop for less than 2,000 Pounds. Thanks to our in-house master workshop we guarantee the authenticity and quality of every watch. Maximum security at its best.