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Rolex President

Rolex President Watch: The most exclusive model

When we talk about the Rolex President's Watch or Presidential Watch, we are referring to the Day-Date. Launched in 1956, the model has been worn by numerous US presidents and is the only wristwatch from Rolex that is made exclusively from precious metals. Thanks to the long production period, you can not only buy the Rolex President Day-Date brand new but also discover exciting vintage models.

In our online shop, you will find a wide selection of Day-Date models for immediate delivery. Whether it's new, pre-owned or vintage: discover your preferred Rolex President with authenticity guarantee now. Every model is inspected and authenticated by certified CHRONEXT watchmakers before being sold. We guarantee this with our 24-month warranty.

Rolex President

The Presidents' watch from vintage to new

The Rolex President does not bear its nickname without reason: among the wearers of this most exclusive model, you will find names such as Lyndon B. Johnson, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy. Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and Franklin D. Roosevelt are also said to have worn a Rolex Presidential Watch.

The Day-Date, also known as the "Leader's Watch", is now available in various versions and diameters. For vintage lovers, the Presidential Watch is a feast. Especially since the vintage models can be worn excellently with the casual Presidential bracelet or with leather straps. The most sought-after model is probably the Rolex President in gold.

President references at a glance

Over the decades, several generations of Rolex's President watch have been launched with the classic 36-millimetre diameter:

- Ref. 18XX (1967 to 1978): Four-digit vintage references.

- Ref. 180XX (1978 to 1988): Five-digit vintage references, for the first time with sapphire crystal. The Ref. 180XX already has a quick-set date feature.

- Ref. 182XX (1988 to 2000): Launched in 1988, the Ref. 182XX has a quick-set date and day of the week thanks to the "double-quick set" functionality.

- Ref. 118XXX (2000 to 2019): The first six-digit reference, including a solid bracelet.

- Ref. 128XXX (since 2019): Revised six-digit reference with the latest calibre generation.

Rolex Day-Date 40 and Day-Date II with a modern diameter

While the 36-millimetre variant is the classic Rolex President Watch, the Geneva-based company has launched two Day-Dates with diameters of 40 and 41 millimetres in the recent past. In 2008, the manufacturer launched the Rolex Day-Date II with the Ref. 218XXX. With the Day-Date 40, the revised Ref. 228XXX finally replaced the Day-Date II in 2015. The new 40-millimetre model has, above all, slightly revised proportions and a more modern calibre.

Precious metals and the rare Tridor mix

The Day-Date is the only Rolex model produced exclusively in the following precious metals since its launch in 1956:

  • Yellow gold
  • Rose gold (since 2005 Everose gold)
  • White gold
  • Platinum

The decision to produce the Rolex President Watch exclusively in precious metals shows how exclusively top-of-the-range models are positioned. There is, however, one exception that is particularly appealing to collectors with the highest standards: six examples of the Day-Date Ref. 6611 were produced in stainless steel in the late 1950s. These are some of the rarest watches ever produced by the Geneva manufacture.

Simple and secure

Buy a Rolex President watch at CHRONEXT

In our online shop, you will find more than 7,000 immediately available luxury watches from over 49 renowned manufacturers. If you decide to buy from us, you will benefit not only from an excellent Rolex President price but also from our excellent service. For example, have your watch delivered safely and free of charge to your home or collect it in person from one of our CHRONEXT Lounges worldwide. You have the opportunity to try on the model of your choice free of charge and have complicated complications adjusted correctly. You only pay on the spot.

100% original: Our certified CHRONEXT watchmakers thoroughly inspect every model whether new, used or vintage. We guarantee this with our 24-month warranty, which you receive with every watch.