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Baselworld 2018 Pre-release: Introducing the Breitling Navitimer 8

Author: Nour Abraham - January 30. 2018

The upcoming months are perhaps the most exciting in the world of luxury watches. With SIHH having come to a close and Baselworld 2018 just on the horizon, the watch world is buzzing with anticipation regarding potential upcoming releases. Today, we bring you news from a name that goes hand-in-hand with precision, first-class performance, aviation, and much more – Breitling’s new Navitimer 8 collection. continue reading  

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Watch Brands to keep on your radar for 2018

Author: Murray Clark - January 24. 2018

New year, new you: or so says every man as the 365-day calendar resets itself. Old habits die hard however, and if you consider yourself a watch aficionado, it’s one that’ll accompany you to the grave whatever the century. So providing your taste for a fine ticker is still intact (which we’re presuming it is - why else would you be here?), we’ve compiled a list of the watch brands with big futures ahead for 2018. Bon appetit. continue reading  

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Tudor vs Rolex - How to find the right brand for you

Author: John Wallis - January 16. 2018

Tudor vs Rolex - an old question. Two great sibling firms, children of the same visionary father, that have long been counted among the most popular luxury watch brands in the world. Similar in so many ways and yet demonstrating key differences that have won dedicated fans of each approach. Which is the right choice for you? continue reading  

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Is it real? A buyer’s guide to spotting a fake TAG Heuer

Author: John Wallis - January 11. 2018

Heuer has long been one of Switzerland's most coveted watchmakers. Founded in 1860 and legendary for pioneering what many consider to be the coolest driving watches of all time in the 1960s and 70s, the company became so successful in its modern incarnation of TAG Heuer that it has been subject to serious predation by that plague of the industry: fakes. continue reading  

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Pay on your own terms: how to finance a dream watch

Author: John Wallis - December 11. 2017

Many of us know the sweet siren song of the luxury watch. We probably have our favourites, our "dream" watches, over which we paw and salivate for months or years at a time. But there's a big difference between craving something and being able to afford it. For those who can't quite bring themselves to take the plunge, we have one word for you to consider: finance. continue reading  

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What are the top 10 watches of celebrities like Clooney and Beckham?

Author: CHRONEXT - December 07. 2017

From the wrists of legends like actor George Clooney and football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo: When it comes to fine timepieces, celebrities are sure to bring their A-game. Get inspired for gifts to give this Christmas with some of our favorite watches worn by the stars of hollywood. continue reading  

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The top 10 luxury watches for women at CHRONEXT in 2017

Author: John Wallis - December 07. 2017

2017 was a great year for us at CHRONEXT, and for watches in general. We were particularly pleased to see tremendous interest in a range of phenomenal watches for women. Wondering which women's watch was the most popular this year? Check out our top ten best luxury watches for ladies. continue reading  

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What are the best sellers from our top 10 brands of 2017?

Author: Caroline Metz - November 30. 2017

Slowly, but surely 2017 is coming to an end: with Christmas right around the corner and the New Year following close behind, it is time to celebrate and reflect on the year that has passed. A luxury watch is not only the perfect cherry to top off 2017, but is also the best accessory to highlight every outfit at the turn of the new year. As 2018 quickly approaches, we present you with the best sellers from the most popular watch brands of 2017 at CHRONEXT: Discover luxury watches such as the Rolex Submariner, the Omega Seamaster Diver or the Cartier Tank in our ranking! continue reading  

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Luxury Black Weekend at CHRONEXT

Author: Nils Rau - November 22. 2017

It is that time of year again: Every Friday after Thanksgiving, the fourth Friday in November, the retail industry celebrates “Black Friday”. Of course, this globally known shopping extravaganza does not pass by without leaving its mark on the watch market. Therefore, as of November 24th, we are kicking off our Luxury Black Weekend where watches will be available for exceptionally good offers all weekend long. As we head into the biggest shopping day of the year, we take a look at current developments in the online watch market. Read on to learn more. continue reading  

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How do I find the perfect watch for me?

Author: Nils Rau - November 16. 2017

It’s not always easy to find the perfect watch for you. And it is not every day that you have to make a decision on such an expensive investment. With the selection of watch models and styles as diverse as the people who wear them, it pays to think about which watch is right for you before you buy it. Putting time and thought into your purchase can help you save a lot of money, but even greater than that is the joy you will feel once you’ve found the perfect watch for you. continue reading  

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TREND ALERT: What are the six most popular watches this Christmas season?

Author: Nils Rau - November 09. 2017

Christmas time is unique in many ways: with well-known watch classics being ordered frequently throughout the year, every November we begin to see a change in the most popular watches as we head into the Christmas season. Keep reading to discover all of the watches that are popular this Christmas - especially if you’re looking for a present! continue reading  

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What are the top 5 Rolex gifts for Christmas?

Author: CHRONEXT - October 30. 2017

The most wonderful time of the year is nearly upon us. Make this Christmas one to remember with the most wonderful gift of the year – a Rolex. As the most famous watch brand in the world, you are gifting more than a fine timepiece. Flawless craftsmanship, timeless style, and incredible reliability, discover our top Christmas gifts from Rolex. continue reading  

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Is it real? A buyer's guide to spotting a fake Rolex

Author: John Wallis - October 13. 2017

Luxury watches are more popular today than ever before. It seems everyone is dying to get their hands on timepieces from the top brands. But with this surge in interest comes a new concern. The question on the lips of all watch buyers: is it real? The market has fallen prey to a flood of replica watches of ever increasing quality, and it's becoming harder to distinguish an authentic item among all the fakes. Fortunately, we are here to help you get fully informed with our handy buyer's guide to identifying the Real McCoy. Today we look at the king of watchmakers: Rolex. continue reading  

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Is it real? A buyer's guide to spotting a fake Omega

Author: John Wallis - October 12. 2017

Many would say we live in a golden era for watch collecting. Luxury timepieces enjoy greater popularity than ever before, resulting in the birth and rebirth of some of the greatest watchmakers in history. But there is a dark side to the horological renaissance: fakes. With modern manufacturing methods it is cheaper and easier than ever to mass-produce cheap replicas, many of which are becoming better and better at avoiding detection. For buyers, this is a big problem - so we are pleased to present a guide to beating the fakes. Today we specifically look at one of the great legends of horology: Omega. continue reading  

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The Christmas Gift Guide for Him and Her

Author: Nour Abraham - October 11. 2017

Ah Christmas: the most wonderful time of the year. If we’re not leaving things till last minute, we’re trying to balance an increased workload with the arduous task of shopping, and preventing the in-laws from a drunken altercation on the big day itself. ‘Tis the season to be jolly and all. Except it doesn’t have to be this way. For all the unwanted bath sets and eau de awfuls, you can mark this Christmas as one to remember – one with a luxury watch. Sure, it’ll cost a little more than the usual present, but our Christmas gift guide is definitive proof that time really is a luxury – and one that makes for a standout surprise come December the 25th. Read on for some essential gift inspiration for him and for her this year. continue reading  


What are the top 5 military watches for the modern gentleman?

Author: Nils Rau - October 06. 2017

Military watches are extremely popular: Designed for use in harsh environments, they must be particularly reliable and easy to read. But this is not the only reason that military timepieces are sought after, as genuine timepieces, they radiate a great deal of authenticity. Military watches are also special, far from the tool-watch character and excellent for everyday wear. It is certain that the necessity of military warfare in the nineteenth century could have carried the habit of wearing watches on the wrist. Read on to learn more about the impressive history and top five models of military watches. continue reading  

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A Tale of Two-Tone Metals: Are Two-Tone Watches Making a Comeback?

Author: John Wallis - September 25. 2017

A “two-tone” watch is one made with contrasting materials in the case and bracelet – most commonly steel and gold. These bicolour timepieces have divided opinion among buyers and collectors for decades, but it seems that their popularity has been on the rebound in recent years – perhaps owing to a surge in nostalgia for fashions from the 80s and 90s. Learn more about the current status of two-tone timepieces in today's watch market and discover our favourite models from Rolex, Omega, Breitling, and more, currently available in our online shop. continue reading  

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Top 5 watches that prove you need a date complication

Author: John Wallis - September 20. 2017

Ever since the Rolex Datejust debuted at the end of World War Two, it seems to have become ubiquitous in luxury watches. You'll find it at 3, 4:30 or 6 o'clock on most dials today, although there's plenty of examples of innovation. We are of course talking about the date complication, one of horology's most important achievements. continue reading  

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