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IWC Aquatimer

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IWC Aquatimer: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

IWC Aquatimer

Sophisticated, strong, and successful: winning over watch admirers on land as well as in water, the IWC Aquatimer timepieces leave a lasting impression thanks to ingenious technologies and maritime aesthetics. With this particular collection of dive watches, the manufacturer from Schaffhausen proves once again, that the International Watch Company has earned its place in Haute Horlogerie and strongly demonstrates its connection to the oceans.

IWC Aquatimer

The dive watch from Schaffhausen


The watches of the Aquatimer collection enjoy a great reputation - and not only amongst divers: they also attract those looking for a touch of elegance and a dash of timeless design. The Aquatimer watches do not only complement wetsuits, but also pair triumphantly with polished ensembles.

Since the launch of IWC’s Aquatimer series in 1967, these timepieces fascinate worldwide with elaborate features, including the external/internal rotating bezel, the mechanical depth gauge, and the split minute hand. The Aquatimer collection represents the connection between the Swiss watch manufacturer IWC, and the exploration of the underwater world.

The Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) is an organization that wants to protect the unique flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands. It is one of many causes that the International Watch Company supports. The cooperation between IWC and CDF has resulted in numerous special editions that commemorate the world-famous evolutionist, such as the Aquatimer Chronograph Edition “Galapagos Islands” (Ref. IW379504) or the Aquatimer Chronograph Edition “Expedition Charles Darwin” (Ref. IW379503).

IWC Aquatimer

When the sport of diving increasingly generated popularity in the 1960s, the International Watch Company reacted by launching its first dive watch in 1967: the Aquatimer (Ref. 812AD) was the very first model in a line of successful diving watches. The original model was water-resistant to 200 metres and featured an internal rotatable bezel. The design of the men’s watch was kept in an elegant black, which explains why second-hand watches are currently in incredible demand when it comes to the first generation of the IWC Aquatimer.

In 2008, the International Watch Company presented an anniversary collection as a tribute to its first dive watch. The Aquatimer Vintage Collection (Ref. IW323101) is strongly influenced by the design of the original Aquatimer. Contrarily, however, a modern movement that is produced in-house with an automatic winding, ticks away at the heart of this timeless watch.

Another popular vintage watch is IWC’s Ocean 2000 (Ref. IW350001). The watch was the result of a memorable collaboration between Porsche and the International Watch Company and was presented in 1982. Its titanium case is waterproof to 2,000 metres and protects the watch from corrosion - a quality feature that can still be observed with used Ocean 2000 watches. The Ocean 2000 can only be purchased on the second-hand market as the production of the watch was discontinued in the 1990s.

Innovation at its finest

Famous Aquatimer models at a glance

Gold, steel, titanium: For many connoisseurs of the IWC brand, "GST" is a household name. Throughout the years, the luxury watchmakers have created a number of models that prove the Aquatimer as a highly durable and exceedingly sought after timepiece.

The IWC SafeDive system

Off to new shores with the current IWC Aquatimer Collection

The latest Aquatimer collection offers a wide range of robust wristwatches that are directed at divers, but are also widely appreciated on land. Appealing to professionals as well as amateur divers, the International Watch Company has kept the new Aquatimer models in a more refined and elegant design, while the unrivalled IWC technology ensures that this watch is perfect on the inside as well.

The most noticeable change in the new Aquatimer series is the unparalleled IWC SafeDive system. Consisting of an external/internal rotating bezel, this mechanism ensures that the dive time setting cannot be changed accidentally. In spite of this innovation, the bezel can still be adjusted easily, even whilst wearing diving gloves. The IWC SafeDive system has an immediate impact on the design of the Aquatimer dive watches: the thick bezel is a relic of departed times while the watch face offers improved legibility.