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Breitling Navitimer

A world classic amongst pilot watches: the Breitling Navitimer is one of the most popular chronographs in aviation. Generations of pilots have relied on the circular slide rules of the Navitimer for crucial calculations. The star of the Breitling collection has been an exceptional companion to this day - both in the air and on land.
Breitling Navitimer: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Breitling Navitimer – A legendary pilot watch

A world classic amongst pilot watches: the Breitling Navitimer is one of the most popular chronographs in aviation. Generations of pilots have relied on the circular slide rules of the Navitimer for crucial calculations. The star of the Breitling collection has been an exceptional companion to this day - both in the air and on land.

Breitling Navitimer

A watch (not only) for pilots


The Breitling Navitimer has become an unsurpassed classic with its legendary bi-directional rotating bezel. Navigation and timer: the name of this famous aviation watch highlights the outstanding combination of a navigation calculator with a chronograph, which characterizes the Breitling Navitimer.

Adjusting the slide rule and reading the result from the scale - calculating with the Navitimer is that simple. With the efficient chronograph, timing is just as easy, and calculating speed, distance, or fuel consumption is effortless. Watch admirers, pilots, and aviation enthusiasts value the practical functionality as well as the rich tradition of this distinguished wristwatch.

According to experts, the Breitling Navitimer is truly timeless: after all, the design of the watch has only undergone minor changes since its introduction in 1952. It is no surprise then, that current models such as the Navitimer 01 (Ref. AB012012) or the Navitimer GMT (Ref. AB044121) clearly mirror the spirit of the very first Navitimer (Ref. 806).

The history of a watch legend

The Breitling Navitimer was first introduced in 1952 and is now a watch that enjoys cult status. The model with the ingenious slide rule succeeded the Breitling Chronomat and specifically catered to professional pilots. The integrated slide rule allowed easy and quick calculations of fuel consumption, climb and descent rates, average speeds, and other important navigation data. Thanks to the domed sapphire crystal, the results of slide rule calculations can easily be read. The design of the original Navitimer is characterized by a black watch face and chronograph display, as well as a pearl bezel that guarantees easy grip and overall handling.

It did not take long for the Breitling Navitimer to gain cult status in the field of aviation. Before long, the watch was chosen as the official timepiece of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). The winged logo of the AOPA therefore decorates the watch dial of the first Navitimer models (Ref. 806), and symbolizes the close connection between Breitling and the pilots association that to this day, is still going strong. The success of the Navitimer did not stop.

The success of the Navitimer did not stop there, however: in 1962, a special edition of the Navitimer - the Cosmonaute with the 24 hour-display - accompanied the astronaut, Scott Carpenter, to space. Regularly, the Navitimer can also be admired on the silver screen: the James Bond movie Thunderball (1965) shows Captain with a bold Breitling Navitimer (Ref. 806), whose elegant design has since enchanted generations of watch admirers.

A watch favourite among pilots

Navitimer from 1952 to 1979

The Breitling Navitimer comes equipped with the legendary circular slide rule and provides the face of the watch with a unique recognition factor that attracts countless watch enthusiasts worldwide. Although the watch has stayed true to its basic shape for decades, some important features of the Navitimer have been adapted over the course of time and countless special editions have been added to Breitling’s annual catalogue - the Chronolog.

Some collectors prefer the Navitimer models that were created before 1979 (Ref. 806, Ref. 1806, and Ref. 7806). Today, these men’s watches are considered to be vintage classics amongst experts, and they, therefore, enjoy a remarkable demand on the second-hand market.

The Navitimer collection offers numerous versions that were created before 1979 that mainly differ in small details. The original Navitimer watches can be found with either a single-coloured black dial or a two-toned black and silver dial. The logo is not always consistent either: on some watches, the AOPA-symbol can be found, whereas a simple “B” for Breitling can be found on others.

A number of Navitimer models are still decorated with the Breitling symbol: two aeroplanes beneath the twelve. The watch movements also differ when it comes to these Navitimer vintage-models. They mostly consist of high-class calibres with manual windings, but beginning in 1969, Navitimer models were also equipped with the legendary Chrono-Matic movement that combines chronograph function and self-winding mechanism. Surprisingly, even Navitimer models were produced with quartz movements for a period of time - a sign of the Quartz Crisis when not even Breitling could be spared.

The top-class pilot chronograph

Navitimer models from 1979 until today

In 1989, the Breitling company was acquired by an amateur pilot named Ernest Schneider. During that time, the company needed to assert itself against the quartz-competition and find its new place in the watch industry. With ultra-modern navigation computers on board, pilots were no longer dependent on the Navitimer. But with its tradition and aesthetic, the famous pilot watch continued to fascinate aviators and watch admirers.

The Navitimer thus made its way back to the top in the ‘90s. Besides the classic Navitimer (Ref. A13322 and Ref. A13022), some extraordinary models were created including the Navitimer Airborne (Ref. A33030), the Navitimer 92 (Ref. A30022), the Navitimer Twin Sixty (Ref. A39022), and the Navitimer Spatiographe (Ref. A36030 and Ref. A36330).

Since the year 2000, the Navitimer models have been awarded the certificate of the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute - COSC - just like all other Breitling wristwatches. The 21st century was just as exciting for the Navitimer: the 41.8-millimetre-watch (Ref. A23322) met the demand of the time for larger men’s watches. The anniversary models of the Navitimer with the old Breitling logo, such as the Navitimer 50th Anniversary (Ref. A41322), or the Navitimer 1952 SE (Ref. A41322), were met with great enthusiasm.

Today, these models are only available on the second-hand market. With the impressive case diameter and the characteristic slide rule, the Navitimer stays on top when it comes to the world of watches.

A ticking legend

The current Breitling Navitimer

All Breitling Navitimer men’s watches stay true to the aesthetics of the classic aviator chronograph - nevertheless, every model fascinates with its very own style. The prices of the models vary and depend strongly on their case material and bracelet. Every single Navitimer model opens the door to an exclusive world filled with tradition and the spirit of aviation.

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