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Tudor was established in 1926 when Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, set out to offer high-quality timepieces at a moderate price range. Today, Tudor is a highly successful brand, which men's and women's watches are appreciated around the globe.

Tudor watches for men and women – Good price-performance ratio

Tudor was established in 1926 when Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, set out to offer high-quality timepieces at a moderate price range. Today, Tudor is a highly successful brand, which men's and women's watches are appreciated around the globe.

  • The Tudor brand has stood for high-quality watches from Switzerland since 1926

  • As the daughter-company of Rolex, Tudor watches are suitable for entry-level clients who prefer paying a little less for high-quality timepieces

  • Vintage Tudor watches are fitted with Rolex cases and bracelets

  • Tudor looks back on their popular and iconic vintage models with their popular Heritage Collection

Whether ladies or men's watches: At CHRONEXT, you can find a wide selection of Tudor models with best price guarantee. Discover the coveted timepieces online and convince yourself of the fair price-performance ratio and the brand's innovative spirit.

Hans Wilsdorf

The brilliant founder

15 years following the successful establishment of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf thought up one of his many brilliant ideas. He set out on establishing a watch with a lower price point that was comprised of the exact same quality as a luxury watch. The result: Wilsdorf registered the company name “Tudor”, reminiscent of the powerful Welsh royal family. Later, a symbol of the Tudor dynasty was established as the company logo – an elegant rose.

Following the registration of the Tudor brand name, Wilsdorf waited another 20 years to establish a mature product range and strategic marketing plan to present to the general public. During his time, Wilsdorf was a marketing genius even though the professional field of marketing had not yet come into existence. In 1946, following the end of the Second World War, Wilsdorf presented the very first Tudor models to the world. The watches were characterised – like Rolex – by exceptional strength and a sporty design. In contrast to Rolex however, the movements of suppliers were used to power the timepieces. ETA, who is one of the leading Swiss manufacturers of calibres, supplies Tudor with watch movements to date. Thanks to this outsourcing, Tudor can offer their timepieces at modest prices and ensure an excellent level of quality.

Liberation from the "big sister"

Tudor drives its own success

The Tudor brand has been identified as the daughter company of Rolex since its establishment. In the 1950s and 1960s, Tudor began to shy away from the Rolex name and began to establish its own brand identity. A number of successful brand campaigns showcased Tudor watches in different environments, further segregating the brand from its parent company. Tudor watches were considered robust and reliable timepieces that would not fail even under the most extreme circumstances.

Over time, however, the Tudor brand image once again blurred into Rolex territory. A new strategy was set in place that would eventually allow Tudor to stand alone as an independent brand. Tudor looked back to its traditional values and realised what set them apart from the Rolex name – their iconic models. With that, the brand set out on reviving their highly demanded vintage models from the 1950s and 1960s. The company history, therefore, became the inspirational drive of Tudor – a strategy that successfully triggered the creation of the Heritage Collection.

The models of the Heritage collection include the Heritage Black Bay and Heritage Chrono, which hold an extremely high value among the watch enthusiasts and experts of today.

In-house innovation

Technically sophisticated timepieces

Tudor produces fine ladies' and men's watches that are distinguished by their high quality and resistance as well as innovative solutions in design and technology.

The extremely robust scratchproof ceramic monobloc case, for example, was initially incorporated into the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield. While many other ceramic watches are merely coated with ceramic, Tudor has pushed the boundaries of its manufacturing processes and has discovered a new method in creating watchcases. The cases of these Tudor timepieces are created in one single piece of high-tech injected ceramic, thereby ensuring extreme strength. The sophisticated manufacturing process allows for the long-term reliability and longevity of both the middle case and bezel of the watch.

Tudor is highly perceptive to the changing inclinations of the times. In addition to a high interest in ceramic watches, Tudor has quickly noticed the rising popularity of fabric straps. Vintage Tudor watches have now come to be fitted with colourfully striped fabric or NATO watch straps. Furthermore, when Tudor watches are fitted with traditional leather or steel bracelets, the brand offers an additional textile strap to its clients. This strategy has proven to be successful as the Heritage models exude an especially vintage flair with the addition of a stylish and high-quality textile strap. The specially designed bracelets require a certain level of craftsmanship during the manufacturing process but the exquisite end-result perfectly harmonises the robust and sleek cases of the sports watches.

In 2015, Tudor surprised at Baselworld with the presentation of a specially developed manufacture movement. The MT 5621 is a self-winding mechanical movement equipped with a stop seconds mechanism for the precise adjustment of time. Furthermore, the movement allows for a power reserve of up to 70 hours. The movement convinces with quality and precision, which is in turn supported by the COSC certificate. The MT 5621 embodies innovation and a pioneering spirit – two values that Tudor holds in high-esteem.

Diving watches

From Oyster Prince to Tudor Black Bay

In 1952, Tudor launched a timepiece that immediately recalled the spirit of the Rolex brand: the Oyster Prince. The timepiece was equipped with the famous Oyster Case by Rolex and was accordingly water-resistant. That same year, 30 Oyster Prince watches were utilised in the British North Greenland Expedition, affirming the robust and reliable characteristics of the timepiece.

The Oyster Prince Submariner (Ref. 7922) is a Tudor professional diver watch that was introduced in 1954. Both the name and the design of the timepiece are reminiscent of the Rolex Submariner. At first glance, the black diver bezel, the Mercedes-hour hand, and the watch bracelet can quite easily be mistaken for a Rolex. When the Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner was originally introduced, it quickly convinced professional divers around the globe. In fact, the Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner was utilised by the US Navy in the 1960s. During the same time period, the first Tudor Submariner with a striking snowflake hand was introduced. As the name implies, the top portion of the hour hand is shaped like that of a snowflake, so that divers are able to distinguish between the hour and minute hands in dark or murky underwater environments. In the 1970s, Tudor was able to secure a partnership with the French Marines, therefore supplying them with robust Submariner watches for years to come.

The Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner ceased production in the 1980s, and as any watch lover might expect, consequently gained exceptional status in the world of luxury watches. The price and the demand of the timepiece exponentially increased as the years passed by. Tudor was not unaware of the large follower base and thus launched two vintage inspired models in 2012 that would remind watch connoisseurs of the iconic Oyster Prince design. These models were called the Pelagos and the Heritage Black Bay. While the Black Bay impresses with its traditional design elements, the Pelagos scores high points with watch experts thanks to its extreme strength and remarkable watch technology. The Pelagos timepieces have been equipped with an in-house manufactured calibre since 2015. The Heritage Black Bay and the Pelagos successfully carry on the tradition of Tudor watches and continually exceed the expectation of watch lovers, experts, and enthusiasts alike.

Since 1970

The chronograph models

The Tudor chronographs hold a special place in the history of the traditional brand. In 1970, the first Oyster Date Chronograph was introduced and immediately gained popularity among Tudor fans. The chronograph is powered by a manually wound Valjoux calibre 7734. The remarkable case of the timepieces measures a bold 39-millimeters and is further complemented by bevelled edge lugs and an overall sophisticated curvature. The design of the colourful dial provides the Tudor Oyster Date Chronograph with an individual character, which is very much sought out by luxury watch collectors today. The watches from this area are in high demand and the prices for these well-preserved specimens continually rise from one year to the next.

In 1977, a successor to the popular Tudor chronograph was introduced. It was powered by an automatic movement that was only produced up until the 1990s. Following the production of these chronographs, Tudor clients began to long for vintage inspired chronographs once again. Their desires were met in 2010 when Tudor presented the heritage Chrono collection – a timepiece that combines iconic vintage designs with modern technology. Today, the Heritage Chrono is one of the most popular models from the brand and simply impresses with an overall stylish aesthetic.

International recognition

The Tudor brand stands for performance and robustness. The timepiece is not surprisingly strapped around the wrists of several prominent individuals. The Tudor Heritage Chrono (Ref. 70330N), for example, was featured in "Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol" around the wrist of Tom Cruise.

From 2009 to 2012, Tudor collaborated with the Stuttgart-based car manufacturer Porsche. The cooperation embodies the strong connection that the Tudor brand shares with the bold world of motorsports. Since 2013, Tudor has been the official timekeeper of the World Enduring Championship (WEC), which is an extraordinary endurance racing series. The cooperation between Tudor and WEC highlights the similarities between mechanical timepiece and fast race cars.

A strong combination of technology and style has always been the ultimate focus of Tudor collections. The timepieces are truly a reflection of Tudor values, thanks to clean lines, sporty aesthetics, and precise mechanics.

The best Tudor ladies’ watches

Tudor Black Bay

The Tudor Black Bay is a real highlight, a watch of strong contrasts with its shimmering silver, red tones and an intense black dial. The model is also available in bronze and other colour combinations. If you want to buy such a Tudor watch for women, you can finance it at CHRONEXT at the lowest interest rates in the industry or buy at the best Tudor women’s watches price.

Tudor Prince Date Tiger

Despite the more masculine name, the Tudor Prince Date Tiger cuts a good figure on female wrists. By default, this Tudor for women is based on an automatic movement that always shows you the right time. The model impresses with a simple, silver stainless steel case and bracelet.

Tudor Pelagos

The Pelagos series from Tudor exudes elegance. You’re guaranteed a particularly long service life thanks to a case and bracelet made of solid titanium. The face is designed in different colours - the display is mostly white. The Tudor women's watch is equipped with a rotating bezel, screwed crown, luminous indices and luminous hands - so you can easily read the time even in darker conditions.

Sell your Tudor watch at CHRONEXT

Do you want to sell a Tudor watch instead of buying one? No problem – at CHRONEXT we offer various options for selling both unworn and used luxury watches. Whether it's a trade-in, a commission or a direct sale, we advise you on the optimal opportunities for your model and help you get the best price possible. Simply fill in the online form or contact our Sales & Service team by phone or email. We have many years in the luxury timepiece sector and are happy to put this at your disposal when you wish to sell your used Tudor watch, or, to help you with financing options.