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Breitling Galactic

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Breitling Galactic: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Breitling Galactic

The Breitling Galactic unites luxurious design with elaborate technology. The sporty-elegant design attracts those looking for a dramatic accessory while the precision of the Galactic tempts connaisseurs of ingenious technologies.

Elegant, robust, and precise

The Breitling Galactic


While the Galactic is hardly a typical Breitling, its precision is on the same bar as legendary models like the Chronomat or the Superocean. The Breitling Galactic collection is a relatively new watch series, but it still represents traditions of the Swiss manufacturer.

Breitling has always focused on consolidating design and form with functionality, precision, and reliability. This harmony of aesthetic and efficiency is embodied in all models of the Breitling Galactic line. In contrast to most other Breitling watches, these models are not equipped with a chronograph function and solely display the time and date.

For everyday use, the simplicity of the Breitling Galactic is unbeatable.

Breitling Galactic

The Galactic boasts a broad selection of diverse designs. The price range for the Breitling is also variable. Depending on the material and case size, the price varies considerably. A rose gold case, for example, is more moderately priced than the same model in a steel case. In any event, you can always rely on a Breitling. The superior quality of the Breitling Galactic means that it will be passed on from one generation to the next, for many years to come.

A watch for every occasion

The Breitling Galactic series

There are rarely occasions where the Breitling Galactic isn’t the perfect fit: this watch looks great with casual, business and evening attire. The Galactic is available in three models: Galactic 41, Galactic 36 Automatic, and Galactic 32.