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Chopard Happy Diamonds

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Chopard Happy Diamonds: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Chopard Happy Diamonds

Feminine elegance and a dynamic style go hand-in-hand when it comes to the unique Chopard Happy Diamonds collection. The unique concept of dancing diamonds has simply charmed women around the globe. Extensions of the watch collection include the Happy Sport and Happy Diamonds Icons line, which include some of the most famous watches from the traditional and luxurious company.

Chopard Happy Diamonds

Luxury watches featuring dancing diamonds

Originally regarded as an extravagant ladies jewellery watch, the Chopard Happy Diamonds timepieces have become classics among the traditional brand. In 1976, the dancing diamonds concept was born under the leadership of talented Chopard designer Ronald Kurowski. With the artful and eye-catching diamonds dancing between sapphire crystals, the Happy diamonds collection lends a sense of lovely femininity and playful romance to any wrist. With the utmost attention to detail, Chopard has created a timepiece that allows exquisite diamonds to float around freely and dance around the case of the timepiece.

The Happy diamonds collection emphasizes the personal style of its wearer. The women’s watches exude pure joie de vivre and always incorporate a sense of bold elegance. Regardless of a large or small dial, an angular or circular design, or a rose gold or stainless steel finish – the Happy Diamonds timepieces generate an exceptionally high recognition value thanks to none other than the chic diamonds that tango and salsa around the case of the watch. The unique collection ensures an exceptional and unique style around the wrist of any playful and unconventional lady.

Initially, the timepieces were exclusively presented among the classic Happy Diamonds line. However, the concept shines brightly today and has extended to include the modern Happy Diamonds Sport line that also presents daring jewellery pieces.

Urban & Sporty with a unique charm

Happy Diamonds Sport

The classic Chopard Happy Diamonds line was further developed to include sporty timepieces under the name of Happy Diamonds Sport. The new line incorporated an urban touch to the creative watch collection. Once again, the diamonds danced merrily along the dial of the watch but incorporated fresh design elements that highly appeal to the style conscious women of today. Such variants from the Happy Diamonds Sport collection include the Happy Sport Oval und Sport XL.

Compared to the original collection, the models from the Happy Diamonds Sport line are refined timepieces that highlight feminine elegance. The five travelling diamonds conjure incomparable flair when it comes to the world of women’s luxury timepieces. Most of the Happy Diamonds Sport line comes equipped with a quartz movement. Some models, however, are fitted with a reliable automatic movement.

The Happy Diamonds Sport line pleases with diversity and versatility. The timepieces from the line are available in a large selection of colours, sizes, and shapes when it comes to both the dial and the bracelet of the watch. The hallmark of the line is, of course, the dancing diamonds, which bind all the models exquisitely together. The Happy Diamonds Ladies Watch uniquely corresponds to the Chopard Happy Spirit jewellery collection, which also incorporates the concept of dancing diamonds.

Happy Diamonds Icons

Feminine boldness

In addition to the Happy Diamonds Sport line, Chopard has also developed the Happy Diamonds Icons line, which inspires with delicate lines, exquisite materials, and a playful romantic feel. The diamonds incorporated into these timepieces do not dance, however, as they are nestled in extravagant transparent housing.

The noble Chopard Happy Diamonds ladies watches are a result of precise watchmaking and innovative flair. The dancing diamonds incorporate a fun and playful element to the luxurious timepieces, which perfectly represent the dynamic and independent women of today. Marilyn Monroe was indeed correct when she said, "Diamonds are a girl’s best friend".