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Rolex Kermit Models

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Rolex Kermit – Historically significant transition model

In 2003, on its 50th anniversary, a legendary new version of the Rolex Submariner with a green bezel and black dial was launched (Ref. 16610LV). Thanks to its striking colour design, this cult model is affectionately known as the "Rolex Kermit". It was to mark a decisive moment in the Swiss manufacturer's history. This reference model represents a unique bridge between the traditional Submariner watches that had gone before and the next generation that was on the way. In particular, the design of the Rolex Kermit bezel was to have a trend-setting effect on future looks.

Discover a wide selection of Rolex Kermit Submariner watches at CHRONEXT and pick up a rare model at relatively low prices.

Invest in collectible Rolex Kermit serial numbers

Since the Kermit is only in circulation in small numbers, the watch is not only a sound investment model but also a sought after collector's item. This high demand has had a big impact on prices, so that the value of the Rolex Kermit has shot up by more than 125 percent within five years. In 2015, you could still buy the reference model 16610LV for around £5,350, but in 2020 the cost has spiralled to between £12,000 and £13,350.

From Maxi Dial to the 3135 movement: optical and technical refinements

The legendary Kermit is undoubtedly one of the most important Rolex models out there. Thanks to its technical and optical refinements, it's in no way inferior to the newer models that have followed in its wake. Here's an overview of the most important features of the Rolex Submariner Kermit:

- Green bezel, black dial

- Oystersteel resistant stainless steel

- Maxi Dial

- Illuminated indices and luminous hands

- Date display with Cyclops magnifier

- 40 mm watch case

- Fliplock extension system

- Automatic movement 3135 with 31 jewels

- Waterproof up to 300 metres

- 48 hour power reserve

Attractive offers on the used market

With its rugged build quality and powerful 3135 movement, the Kermit reference exudes class. As with any other model from this illustrious, Geneva-based firm, you benefit from the highest precision, endurance and luxury materials. But since the Rolex Kermit production years were extremely limited, the model is genuinely scarce. This makes it an attractive collector's item and a promising investment opportunity, and this can be even more true of variants such as the Rolex Kermit Flat 4. If you're intrigued by the a Kermit model, you should be able to locate an example on the pre-owned luxury watch market. When you buy a used watch, you benefit from price stability and get a fair deal. At CHRONEXT you'll find a pre-owned Rolex Kermit from around £12,500.

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