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Cartier Calibre

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Calibre de Cartier: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Calibre de Cartier

The Calibre de Cartier is a men's watch that easily meets the timeless design standards of Haute Horlogerie. The Calibre de Cartier includes three lines: Calibre de Cartier Diver, Calibre de Cartier time-only, and Calibre de Cartier Chronograph. The special feature among these models lies within the interior of the watch: without exception, they are equipped with in-house produced Cartier movements.

The innovative mechanisms of the Calibre de Cartier

The birth of the original Cartier calibre

Cartier took a step forward in 2010 with the launch of the Calibre de Cartier – a watch powered by an in-house produced movement for the first time. The 1904-CH MC is a quality movement. MC stands for "Manufacture Cartier" whereas 1904 refers to the pioneering spirit of Louis Cartier. In 1904, Louis Cartier, the grandson of the founder of the company, developed a modern wristwatch for the pilot Alberto Santos – a friend who needed quick access to a timepiece while manoeuvring a plane.

A new chapter has commenced for Cartier thanks to the 1904-CH MC. Cartier has better positioned itself as an authentic watch manufacturer with the creation of a self-produced calibre. Interestingly, at least 50 percent of the movement parts must be developed, produced, and assembled in-house. Cartier's first individual automatic movement is – aside from springs and jewels – completely homemade. In particular, the calibre impresses with a 48-hour power reserve.

Several prominent celebrities are familiar with the fine craftsmanship reflected in the Calibre de Cartier. Justin Timberlake, Ashton Kutcher, and Ben Affleck are among the lucky owners of the elegant watch.

A diverse range of models

The flagship of the Calibre de Cartier

The style elements of the Calibre de Cartier are characterised by a particular elegance. The men's watches are inspired by the classic design of the traditional circular Cartier timepieces and are newly interpreted allowing for a contemporary sense of style.

The collection includes 17 watches in total so that watch lovers can easily find their personal favourite among the series. There is also a vast variety with regard to the materials utilised among the different models of the line.

The Calibre de Cartier Ref. W7100037, for example, comes equipped with a steel case and radiates elegance and sportiness. Those who prefer a particularly sophisticated timepiece can turn to the Calibre de Cartier Ref. W7100040. This model is comprised of red gold and complemented by a brown leather bracelet. The contemporary timepiece fits on any wrist and can be perfectly paired under any circumstance.

Timeless, sporty & elegant

Stop time with the Calibre de Cartier Chronograph

When searching for a reputable chronograph – a watch that incorporates a stopwatch function – the Calibre de Chronograph is undoubtedly the right timepiece.

Eight elegant chronographs are included in the series and each one of them impresses with a unique design and exudes a sense of elegance. The Calibre de Cartier Chronograph is offered in a range of dial colours and bracelet materials. For example, the Calibre de Cartier Ref. W7100046 comes equipped with a large steel case that incorporates a bezel. This watch is paired with a contrasting black alligator leather strap. Furthermore, the case and the bracelet of the Calibre de Cartier Ref. W7100047 are comprised of 18K pink gold. Thanks to the wide range and the sporty yet elegant designs of the timepieces, the Calibre de Cartier Chronograph can be adorned as the perfect watch for any occasion.