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Unbeatable offers at CHRONEXT: Buy a Rolex second hand watch

Founded by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in 1905, Rolex is the most popular brand that produces world-class watch models. Artists, celebrities, athletes, pioneers and other watch-lovers in the UK and globally love fashionable and unique Rolex watches. The vast assortment of iconic Rolex timepieces adorns many wrists giving a sense of prestige.

Due to the impeccable artistry and mechanical precision of Rolex horologers, collectors and watch enthusiasts are always seeking Rolex second hand watches.

Are you one of the dealers looking for the best deals? CHRONEXT is the hub of the world’s best sellers. Purchase timeless Rolex second hand watches at competitive prices with us. Browse our online store for an array of authentic certified timepieces, and worry not about delays or waiting lists. Visit our online shop for second hand Rolex on finance details. Get Rolex classics and recent designs to meet your needs.

Popular Rolex second hand watches at CHRONEXT

According to the massive sales and positive customer reviews, Rolex is the leading watch brand across the globe. Everyone wants quality products thanks to the splendid varieties of Rolex brand. Prominent personalities display their prestige by wearing magnificent Rolex watches. The stylish designs of Rolex stand out in the market. We provide you with an extensive collection of the Rolex second hand watch. Grab the best deal that suits your specifications at CHRONEXT. Maybe you want to upgrade your current watch collection, or you want to try a famous Rolex. Here, you find our everything about our five best selling models from Rolex.

The top: Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner has a proven track record since 1953. It is a dream watch dominating the list of watch buyers. Recommended internationally for sports, divers, athletes and other sports participants acknowledge that Rolex Submariner is an all-time solution for their occupation. This esteemed watch comes in different designs from the classical to the current models that divers can use 300 metres beneath the ocean. Are you looking for an elegant and hardy second hand men’s watch or a female option? There is no better model in town than Rolex Submariner. Get your piece now at CHRONEXT. Prices vary starting from about £6,500; it all depends on the specifications of a particular variant. Join the great community of the Submariners.

First runner up: Rolex GMT Master II

Featuring pilots' watch designs, Rolex GMT Master II is on high demand around the world. Because of its uncommon 24-hour bezel and the second hour-hand, the GMT stands out. International stars purchase this A-class watch as a way to express their prestige. Explore the remarkable features of different designs of Rolex GMT Master II and their value. A second hand Rolex is an excellent investment for interested buyers. It outshines numerous upcoming brands that require repair sooner than expected. At CHRONEXT, an original certified GMT Master II costs around £10,000. Join the group of GMT enthusiasts.

Second runner up: Rolex Explorer

Designed as a signature for the successful debut ascent of Everest, Rolex Explorer is indeed a robust watch for the adverse climatic conditions. Owing to the uniqueness, reliability and workmanship of Rolex Explorer, you can own a second hand watch of this brand and experience the difference. Buy your favourite Explorer for as low as £5,000. The specifications and model determine the price. Upgrade today.

Third runners up: Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

You cannot overlook Rolex Cosmograph Daytona if you need a ladies or a men’s second hand watch. As depicted by the film star Paul Newman, Cosmograph is an iconic variant of Rolex. The designer targeted the racing driver and actually got it right. The functionality of Rolex Cosmograph is unquestionable, and it is waterproof to about 100 metres. Visit CHRONEXT store and select from an array of collectable certificated designs of Rolex Cosmograph at amazingly low prices.

The fifth place of CHRONEXT rating: Rolex Sea Dweller

Are you seeking a ladies' second hand Rolex? Here is an excellent choice. Rolex Sea Dweller is a hardy, water-resistant watch. As the name suggests, it is a darling to professional divers because it guarantees waterproof up to 1,200 metres. Many celebrities, such as Charlize Theron cherish Rolex Sea Dweller. Its fame rests on milestones of top-notch quality and innovation since 1967. Purchase the incredible Sea Dweller starting from £7,000 and enjoy ultimate chic and technology. Overcome the vagaries of harsh weather on your workout or a sea expedition.

Rolex second hand for men

CHRONEXT is your one-stop centre for any Rolex second hand watch. Some of the top-rated Rolex timepieces include the superb GMT Master II (Reference 126710BLNR), the incredible Rolex Submariner, and the exceptional Rolex Daytona. Explore the varieties available at our virtual store. Invest in authentic Rolex second hand and take advantage of up to 24 months of warranty.

Rolex ladies second hand watches

From time to time, we offer Rolex second hand watches for sale in our online shop. Are you looking for ladies’ Rolex in several colours or a collectable diamond set? Perhaps, you are tired of substandard watches in the market. We have the best collection of Rolex watches for you at CHRONEXT. See our vast assortment and make a selection according to your specs.

Want to sell your second hand Rolex watch?

We go beyond selling new, vintage and pre-owned watches to you. At CHRONEXT we also offer you an opportunity to sell your Rolex second hand timepiece. Besides, you can utilize the trade-in option as you buy a second hand Rolex watch. Are you interested in selling your Rolex watch? We are at your service anytime. Contact our sales personnel via email, live chat or a call. Alternatively, you can fill our form online to reach out to us.

Your satisfaction is our priority both when you are buying from us or selling to us. Welcome to our stores like our Pick-up Boutique in London, UK, for friendly customer services. We know nothing less than the best quality for all our products. Go Rolex and get the best.