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Vintage Watches

CHRONEXT – Certified Original
Whether new, pre-owned or vintage: The authenticity of each luxury watch is guaranteed by our qualified Watchmakers.
CHRONEXT – Warranty
24-months warranty for each watch in every condition thanks to our in-house service center.

Vintage watches to buy online at CHRONEXT

Superior luxury watches don't lose their charm with the passage of time but rather the opposite. They increase in beauty and value. Of course, a watch that is decades old has strong emotional value, but beyond that, the price for an elegant vintage watch can rise to unprecedented heights. Owning a vintage watch gives you a fine timepiece along with an attractive investment.

Vintage models – so much more than used watches

What makes a watch vintage is not always clearly defined. At CHRONEXT, we apply the following rules: all timepieces that are 20 years old or more are referred to as vintage watches. There are some vintage watches that have quite a few models available on the market while others are difficult to find. This depends, among other things, on the age of the model as well as on supply and demand.

For many watch lovers, vintage watches are much more than just old watch models. These historical timepieces have a very special aura about them, they have written watch history, experienced world history and are full of stories. A well-kept and well-preserved vintage watch is, therefore, something very special, a true witness worn on the wrist. In addition, famous vintage models from well-known watch brands have a timeless design that continues to delight even though many decades have passed. Thanks to the elegance of vintage watches, they are the perfect accessory for any outfit - whether business wear, off-duty casual or evening occasions.

From time to time, there are numerous popular vintage watches for sale for both men and ladies in our online shop. Whether a high-end chronograph or a delicate jewelled watch – a vintage watch always exudes individuality along with a sense of style and prestige. The following applies: the less the watch has been changed and upgraded, the more value it has for both collectors and the vintage watch market.

What to look out for when buying a vintage watch

Should you decide to buy a vintage watch, do some research first to ensure you get your chosen watch at a fair price and in good condition. Safely buy a vintage watch by following these simple tips from CHRONEXT:

When was the watch last serviced? If this was a long time ago, it could mean that the vintage watch is now in poor condition. On the other hand, every service increases the chance that the watch has been changed or upgraded in some way. What is the general condition of the case, bracelet and so on? In general, the more original parts the watch has the higher its value. However, it sometimes happens that although some components of the watch, such as the bracelet, have survived they are no longer in good condition. If particularly, you are buying a vintage watch to wear rather than keep in a safe, it is advisable to choose one with a new strap or replace it yourself.

What condition is the clockwork in? When buying a vintage watch, take a look at the movement first. If, for example, rust can be seen or individual screws are missing, you can't expect the watch to last for long.

Vintage watches as an investment

Vintage watches are not only valued by watch enthusiasts but are also seen as an exciting investment. If you're considering vintage watches to buy as an investment, you should be aware of two things. Firstly, expert knowledge is required to invest profitably in vintage watches and secondly, unpleasant surprises or shocks can never be ruled out.

First of all, the choice of watch brand is crucial if you want your vintage watch to be a good investment. Rolex is probably the most popular brand for vintage watch collectors and is characterised by a fairly good price increase. Vintage watches from Patek Philippe usually increase in price over time as well, making them suitable for investment. Anyone who buys a watch from these brands - whether new or used - and later goes on to resell it in good condition stands a good chance of making a profit.

Vintage watches from the CHRONEXT online shop

At CHRONEXT, we make buying a vintage watch a very special experience. We offer you a large selection of vintage watches from renowned brands such as Omega, Rolex, Patek Philippe or IWC. Let us inspire you and help find the watch of your dreams!

It's quick and easy to order men's or women's vintage watches from CHRONEXT. Our in-house service center checks watches for quality and authenticity before issuing the 24-months CHRONEXT warranty. Maximum security is ensured.