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Welcome to the CHRONEXT Service Center

Every day, around 20 employees and watchmakers with a great passion for their craft work in our 350 square meter service center in Cologne. Here we authenticate, overhaul and service luxury watches, regardless of where or when they were purchased.
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Our services and prices

Authentication - Independent authentication

The CHRONEXT watchmakers check your watch in a 17-step authentication process to ensure it is original. If there are no complaints, the watch receives the coveted certificate from the CHRONEXT Service Centre.
From € 250

Repair - Competent troubleshooting

If your watch shows clear signs of malfunction or a specific spare part is required, the CHRONEXT watchmakers will be happy to repair your watch. Of course, only original spare parts are used during the repair.
From € 135

Polissage - Reconditioning for perfect aesthetics

Unfortunately, scratches and other signs of wear are inevitable when a watch is worn with pleasure every day. Our polishers in our in-house service centre will carefully restore your watch to its former glory.
From € 250

Complete overhaul - Reliability and value retention

A comprehensive service of every luxury watch is recommended every three to five years. This ensures function and value retention. The watch, including the movement, is completely disassembled, and each component is examined individually according to the highest quality standards and repaired or replaced if necessary.
From € 500

Battery change - maintenance for your luxury watch

Our battery change service includes a thorough cleaning, battery replacement, a check of the movement for cleanliness and oil maintenance, and immediate attention to any problems that arise. If necessary, we will provide an estimate for any repairs or replacement of parts such as seals to ensure that your watch remains in the best possible condition. CHRONEXT guarantees not only the correct time, but also the optimal condition of your luxury watch, with a clear focus on quality and expertise.
From € 50

Unser Service Center Team

Erhalten Sie einen Einblick in unser 350 Quadratmeter großes Service Center und unsere über 20 Mitarbeiter:innen und Uhrmacher:innen

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