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In 1961, the pilot and visionary Helmut Sinn founded the now internationally acclaimed watch company Sinn in Frankfurt am Main. Originally focusing on the production of navigation pilot chronographs, today, Sinn places emphasis on producing a wide range of timepieces for everyday use.

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Sinn watches - First class quality from Germany

In 1961, the pilot and visionary Helmut Sinn founded the now internationally acclaimed watch company Sinn in Frankfurt am Main. Originally focusing on the production of navigation pilot chronographs, today, Sinn places emphasis on producing a wide range of timepieces for everyday use.

  • Made in Germany: Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH is based in Frankfurt am Main.
  • Sinn was founded in 1961 by the pilot and flight instructor Helmut Sinn.
  • The manufacturer pays special attention to the robustness and technical excellence of its watches.
  • In addition to wristwatches suitable for everyday use, Sinn also manufactures special watches for professional use
From World War II pilots to watch manufacturers

Founded in 1961 – Helmut Sinn

To Helmut Sinn, quality pilot watches seemed to be unnecessarily expensive. Therefore, he took matters into his own hand and founded a mechanical watch company in 1961. He simply called it Helmut Sinn Spezialuhren. The full name of the company was “Sinn Spezialuhren am Frankfurt Main” – the company has its headquarters located in Frankfurt am Main to this day.

Maximum functionality at a reasonable price – Helmut Sinn placed great emphasis on these characteristics. Therefore, Sinn watches became known among watch lovers for their excellent quality, strength, and precision. Pilots were especially aware of the brand and appreciated being able to strap the timepieces around their wrists on a daily basis. Sinn is also known for its professional wristwatches. Aside from pilots, the German Federal Police maritime Unit and Fire Department is among the clientele of the company.

Restructuring of ownership

1994 brings about big changes

Lothar Schmidt acquired Sinn in 1994 and led the company in a new direction. He began a new chapter for Sinn as he started to focus more on the technological elements of the timepieces and began to think strategically about the future of the company. New structures also brought about a change in the company name. From 1994 onwards, the company name has been known as Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH.

Following the acquisition of the company, the first timepiece presented by Sinn was the Model 244 comprised of pure titanium. The watch was resistance to magnetic fields at a level that far surpassed the quality standards set out by the German Institute for Standardization.

The presentation of the Frankfurt Financial District watch was another breakthrough for the company in 1999. The timepiece now constitutes an entire collection of its own and “Frankfurt am Main” lettering is incorporated into the dial of the watches.

Consistent research and development, technical understanding, and a sleek sense of athletics are major priorities for Sinn. Their professional watches are first class mechanical instruments that inspire watch enthusiasts worldwide.

Technical highlights

Ar-Dehumidifying Technology, Diapal Technology, Hydro-Technology and Magnetic Field Protection

Sinn is representative of innovation and a never-ending quest for the highest level of quality standards. The manufacturer can look back on an outstanding list of technical innovations that are featured in many Sinn models today.

Created in 1995 was the Ar-Dehumidifying technology that is fitted in the diving watch 203 Ti Ar. The technology slows the aging process of lubricants – a result of moisture trapped in or entering the watch. The dehumidifying technology ensures that the movement is kept in a protective and almost completely dry environment, thereby extending its longevity. Furthermore, fogging of the watch crystal ceases to occur in cases of sudden temperature change thanks to the dehumidifying technology.

The Diapal technology is another innovation that was first presented in 2001 in the Frankfurt Financial District watches. The technology here utilises a combination of materials that do not need any sort of lubrication to work together. In fact, the materials utilised work together in harmony without causing friction. The decrease in friction, therefore, increases the long-term precision of the timepiece.

The Sinn Hydro Technology is equipped in the EZM 2 Diving Watch and works by submerging the complete watchcase – including the movement, dial, and hands of the watch – in a bath of oil. Thus, the timepiece is absolutely resistant to fogging and pressure. Furthermore, the timepieces are perfectly readable from any angle and in any environment.

The Magnetic Field Protection technology ensures the accuracy of the watch by placing the dial, the movement holding ring and the case back of the watch in a magnetically soft inner case. This technique minimises magnetic interference and ensures the proper functionality of the watch.

Another result of Sinn research and development is Tegiment technology. This technology increases the hardness level of the base material utilised in the production of the watch, thus increasing its scratch-resistance. Tegiment Technology was first used in 2003 with the Sinn Aviator 756 timepiece.

Honours & awards

Sinn watches – popular and widely recognised

Sinn has a long list of great timepieces. The watches from the company inspire with innovative technologies and appealing designs. Whether used for personal purposes or professional use – the models from Sinn convince watch lovers and simply inspire with impeccable performance.

Sinn watches are award-winning timepieces. The timepiece has been awarded one of the most respected prizes for watches in Germany – the Goldene Unruh or the “Golden Balance Award”.

At CHRONEXT, you can find a huge selection of Sinn watches at fair prices. If you are looking for particularly attractive deals, we recommend to take a look at the secondary market for luxury watches. You can buy a pre-owned Sinn watch from the popular 434 St S collection for considerably less than 1,000 euros.

Diving Watch U1000

With a captive security bezel

Sinn engineers accomplished something exquisite in 2008. In order to minimize diving risks, the diving chronograph U1000 is equipped with a tether. The captive diving Bezel is secured by a patented mechanism ensuring that it cannot be inadvertently rotated. Therefore, the force of currents or accidental collision will prevent unwanted changes in the measurement of time elapsed while diving and also prevent the Bezel detaching from the timepiece under harsh impact.

Highly seawater-resistant German submarine steel is utilised in the creation of Sinn diving watches. The German submarine manufacturer ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems provides a small amount of their overall steel production to Sinn in order to produce robust diving watches. Therefore, Sinn is distinguished as a future-oriented company who is constantly setting new standards in the development of diving watches.

Anniversary watches

50 years Sinn, 15 years Frankfurt Financial District

In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company, the Chronograph Sinn 358 Anniversary was launched. Limited to 500 pieces, the special edition features the elements reserved for the SZ05 timepieces. A short three weeks after the release of the special edition anniversary watch, the timepiece was sold out despite a relatively expensive price tag. Today, it can only be found on the second-hand market.

Sinn celebrated another anniversary in 2014 – 15 years of the incredible Frankfurt Financial District Watch. In order to celebrate the occasion, Sinn added two new members to the prestigious 6000 series. The all-new Frankfurt Financial District 6052 and 6099 convince with quality precision and a sleek appearance. In addition, the SZ03 movement that powers the Frankfurt Financial District 6052 allows for a date display function.

Mechanical watches

The precise timepieces from Sinn Spezialuhren have been spotted at many large events. In 2004, Hans-Joachim Stuck – a German racing driver – won the 24-hour race at Nürburgring – a 150, 000 spectator capacity motorsports complex around the village of Nürburg, Germany – with a Sinn 958 around his wrist. That same year, participants of the Fulda-Challenge – an event for the toughest adventurers of the world – utilised the Chronograph 958.

In 1958, Sinn played a small role in history when German physicist and astronaut Reinhard Furrer wore a Sinn-clock during the Spacelab-Mission D-1. The mission further proved that Sinn timepieces function precisely in challenging atmospheres. Seven years later, during the Mir ’92 mission in 1992, the astronaut Klaus-Dietrich Flade wore a Sinn 142 S. The 142 Spezialuhren also accompanied the crew aboard the space shuttle Columbia during Mission D2.

Timepieces from Sinn fascinate with technological finesse and popular designs. Furthermore, Sinn engineers are constantly working on the latest innovations to ensure that their timepieces offer the best user experiences in professional fields.

Coveted Models

The German manufacturer produces watches of high quality. Numerous models are characterized by precision and accuracy. Get to know the most coveted models at CHRONEXT:

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