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Hublot Big Bang Tutti Frutti: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Hublot Big Bang Tutti Frutti

As the name suggests, the Big Bang Tutti Frutti collection is a bouquet of brilliant colours. The timepieces by Hublot stand out due to their unique multi-coloured characteristics and their ingenious inner workings. A kaleidoscope of vivid colours and modern design, the Big Bang Tutti Frutti watches will certainly put a smile on your face like a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

Colourful innovation by Hublot

The Big Bang Tutti Frutti

The Big Bang Tutti Frutti

Hublot aims its Big Bang Tutti Frutti collection directly at men and women who do not shy away from bold hues. An exotic kaleidoscope of sparkling colours, the Tutti Frutti watches are much influenced by the Hublot philosophy. Inspired by the motto “The Art of Fusion”, Carlo Crocco founded the famous company in 1980. He was the first in the history of watchmaking to combine a simple rubber strap with a precious metal like gold. To this day, the rubber strap is characteristic for Hublot. The distinctive rubber feature allows worldwide individuals to recognize a Hublot watch at first glance.

The successor of the original Hublot watch is the Big Bang, which was launched in 2005. This timepiece has spawned a multitude of different versions and special editions that can be counted amongst the most popular luxury watches worldwide.

The famous rubber strap is also used for the watches of Hublot’s Big Bang Tutti Frutti collection. As this colourful series was produced in a number of limited editions, many Tutti Frutti models are only procurable as used watches today. The second-hand market offers a great variety of Hublot Big Bang Tutti Frutti timepieces for attractive prices and every now and then, surprises with rare special edition models.

Hublot Big Bang Tutti Frutti

The watches of Hublot’s Tutti Frutti collection are both exciting and fashionable, thus appealing to individuals who are looking for luxury and fun. The Big Bang Tutti Frutti was Initially launched with a 41-millimetre case and quickly found many admirers. In order to cater to all tastes, Hublot later expanded the collection with models that incorporated 38 mm and 44 mm cases.

It is only first-rate materials that are good enough for the watch case: luxurious red gold or robust stainless steel are used for the Big Bang Tutti Frutti timepieces. Set with 48 precious stones, the bezel achieves a classic Hublot look thanks its six titanium screws. The baguette-cut stones include a wide range of colours that match the colour scheme of the watch: green tsavorite, pink and orange sapphire, purple amethyst, and red spinel are just a selection of the brilliant stones that set the Big Bang Tutti Frutti apart from all other watches.

The bezel is coloured in the same hue as the rest of the watch and so is the bracelet - the famous strap in a combination of rubber and coloured alligator leather that gives the Tutti Frutti watches an elegant touch. The watch face, which is just as colourful as the rest of the watch, is protected by an anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

These watches do not only impress with their colourful yet elegant design, they also offer first-class technology: the chronograph function, as well as a waterproof feature of up to 100 metres, appeals to technophiles who also appreciate the vibrant colours of the exotic Tutti Frutti collection.

An artful interaction of colours

The Big Bang Tutti Frutti

Hublot presented the Big Bang Tutti Frutti in 2008. Since then, the colourful collection has brought forth many different versions, designs, and numerous special editions, which has resulted in a range of exclusive watches that offers unique characteristics.

The current Big Bang Tutti Frutti collection features multi-coloured watches in glowing orange (Tutti Frutti Orange - Ref. 341.PO.2010.LR.1906) and fresh pink (Tutti Frutti Rose - Ref. 341.PP.2010.LR.1922). Once the collection was extended, the Tutti Frutti colours were combined with black details.

The extraordinary Tutti Frutti Black Apple (Ref. 341.CG.1110.LR.1922) was presented with the typical green rubber and leather strap and a black ceramic case in combination with a black watch face that is framed by 48 bright green tsavorite stones. Even though the black bezel is no longer featured in the current Hublot catalogue, it is still very popular amongst Hublot-devotees who can discover charismatic Tutti Frutti timepieces on the second-hand market.

Another Tutti Frutti special edition is the Hublot Tutti Frutti Gold (Ref. 341.PA.5390.LR.1104). With a rose gold case and a strap covered with gold alligator leather, the watch is one of the most elegant models of the Big Bang Tutti Frutti series. The dial is kept in the colour “camel”, lending a distinctive characteristic to this Tutti Frutti.

Most Big Bang Tutti Frutti watches are also available with a quartz movement, which are cheaper than the models that incorporate a self-winding chronograph movement. No matter which colour, Big Bang Tutti Frutti watches add a little bit of fun and cheer to the every day.