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Sinn 104 St Sa A

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The Sinn 104 St Sa A – Less is more

The roots of the German watch manufacturer Sinn lie in aviation. In 1961, the flight instructor and passionate pilot Helmut Sinn founded the watch manufacturer in Frankfurt am Main. What began back then with a focus on precise chronographs and diving watches successfully continues to this day. With the Sinn 104 St Sa A, you are holding in your hands an excellent example of a classic pilot's watch that stands out without extravagant details. Clear lines, high-quality materials and timeless design are the main features of the 104 collection and make this watch unique.

At CHRONEXT, you can buy the Sinn 104 St Sa A as well as other watches from the German manufacturer. Our 24 months CHRONET warranty, as well as free and insured shipping worldwide, are always included.

Sinn 104 St Sa A

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Since the Sinn 104 came onto the market in 1961, the collection has received several updates. The Sinn 104 St Sa A G model enjoys particular popularity as a limited special edition with only 500 pieces. The model has a captive pilot's bezel with minute detent and is pressure-resistant up to depths of 200 metre.

The Sinn 104 St Sa A is available in various vintage versions, which lovingly pick up on details of the original model. The Sinn 104 St Sa A's price depends not only on the materials or condition of the watch but also on availability. Thus, when you buy a used Sinn 104 St Sa A watch, you have the chance to acquire limited special editions.

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Buy a used, new or vintage Sinn 104 St Sa A from CHRONEXT and enjoy our exclusive service. We offer a variety of models with different features at the best Sinn 104 St Sa A prices. When you buy this watch or any other model from us, you benefit from our 24-month warranty and comprehensive service starting with free and insured worldwide shipping.