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Rolex Submariner Blue


Rolex Submariner Blue for Rolesor and Full Gold Models

The coveted "Rolex Submariner Blue" has always been reserved for the luxurious precious metal models. Whether bezel or dial in blue: the royal tone has been one of the most popular colour variations since the late 1970s and is still produced uninterruptedly for the Submariner today. After more than 40 years, exciting references of the Rolex Submariner Date in blue therefore exist. The watch is not only a smart investment but also a feast for the senses.

At CHRONEXT, you can get a huge selection of the Submariner collection for immediate delivery – including the blue Submariner at attractive Rolex Submariner in Blue prices. Every model is inspected for authenticity and authenticated by our certified CHRONEXT watchmakers. Our 24-month warranty guarantees this.

Toolwatch with luxury factor

Rolex deliberately designed the Submariner in the 1950s to be not only a reliable toolwatch for diving but also an excellent everyday watch. The plan worked as the Submariner quickly became a popular companion to elegant suits and on the international stage. In the 1970s, the Geneva-based manufacturer launched the first all-gold version, the Ref. 1680/8, which finally made the professional diver's watch an icon. The Rolex Submariner in blue takes luxurious pleasure to the extreme, thanks to its magical blue hue. In total, several generations of the blue Submariner have appeared over the decades.

Submariner references in blue

- Ref. 16808 and 16803 (yellow gold, full gold/Rolesor)

- Ref. 16618 and 16613 (yellow gold, full gold/Rolesor)

- Ref. 116618 and 116613 (yellow gold, full gold/Rolesor)

- Ref. 126618 and 126613 (yellow gold, full gold/Rolesor)

- Ref. 116619 (white gold)

- Ref. 126619 (white gold)

A high possibility of value increase

Not only bicolour and full gold, but also blue has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many watch lovers are looking for an alternative to the hyped stainless steel, and they are increasingly choosing yellow or white gold. The blue hue of the bezel and/or dial makes the Rolex Submariner Blue a sought-after highlight. In the meantime, both the blue/gold variant and the blue/steel/gold option are hard to come by. The trend is expected to continue and the Rolex Submariner blue reference price will continue to rise

Blue bezel as a unique selling point

The Rolex Submariner Blue in yellow gold has both a blue dial and a blue bezel. However, in September 2020, the white gold Ref. 116619 - which also has the blue/blue combination - replaced the plainer Ref. 126619. The new reference now has a blue bezel only, while the dial has been kept in a plain black. Reference 126619 is thus the simplest all-gold Submariner and, despite its characteristic attitude as a Rolex Submariner Blue, represents an understatement suitable for everyday use.

Buy a Rolex Submariner in Blue at CHRONEXT

At CHRONEXT, you can find authenticated luxury watches like the Rolex Submariner Blue/Gold without waiting. Visit our online shop to check out our collection of more than 7,000 high-quality timepieces from over 49 renowned brands. With us, you benefit from secure payment methods and financing options in Germany as well as a 24-month CHRONEXT warranty. You decide whether you want your dream watch delivered to your home free of charge or whether you prefer to collect it from one of our CHRONEXT lounges worldwide. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

Our watches are 100 % original, thanks to our certified CHRONEXT watchmakers who inspect each model for authenticity and quality before releasing it for sale.