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Ferrari Watches

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Ferrari watches: From Fan Articles to Haute Horlogerie

Both sports cars and high-quality timepieces are desirable luxury items that have a lot in common. Both are about details, technology, design and history and last but not least, both are about enjoyment and pleasure. The Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Ferrari is one of the most desirable car manufacturers in the world. For a long time now, Ferrari watches from numerous brands bring the automotive charm of the Scuderia Ferrari to the wrist and thus unite two passions. Whether Ferrari models are expensive depends entirely on the brand. The variety ranges from simple department stores' models to sophisticated Ferrari timepieces of the Haute Horlogerie, which are fine mechanical masterpieces.

Whether it's the Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari, Big Bang or something else, if you're looking for a first-class Ferrari watch, you'll find a sporty companion at CHRONEXT. Free return shipping and a 24-month CHRONEXT warranty included with every purchase.

Ferrari watches from Hublot

The most exclusive and desirable Ferrari watches are produced by the Swiss luxury manufacturer Hublot. The cooperation between the two brands has existed since 2012 and is based on a unique principle. Ferrari has always designed the watches and Hublot implements the designs. If you want to buy a Hublot Ferrari, it is not just a Ferrari label on the dial, but a unique cooperation between legendary manufacturers. There are three Ferrari watches with automatic movements from Hublot available on the market, each with interesting features.

One of the special features of Ferrari is the attention to detail. For example, the Hublot Big Bang Scuderia Ferrari 90th Anniversary has a bezel made of carbon-ceramic. This is the same material used to make the brake discs of Formula 1 racing cars.

Hublot's Ferrari models at a glance

- Hublot Big Bang Ferrari

- Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari

- Hublot MP Techframe Ferrari

Ferrari watches: Red dials at Panerai

In addition to Hublot, Panerai has also produced high-quality Ferrari watches. Even though the Italian manufacture has mainly set men as its main target group with its Ferrari models, ladies can wear the models just as well. After all, large diameters have become increasingly popular on female wrists as well.

Cooperation between the two companies was established in 2005 and ended in 2010. Thus only 20 different Panerai Ferrari watches feature the reference abbreviation "FER" instead of the otherwise typical PAM reference. The references range from FER00001 to FER0002. The manufacture's best-known model is the Panerai Ref. FER00013 Ferrari Granturismo Chronograph with the OP XII calibre and a Ferrari-red dial.

Buy a Ferrari watch at CHRONEXT

Visit our online shop and discover your perfect Ferrari wrist watch from a selection of more than 7,000 luxury watches. Most of the models are black, although some Ferrari models also shine in red, especially with accents of the typical Ferrari red "Corso Rossa". We always recommend that you also take a look at the second-hand market, as Ferrari watch prices are particularly appealing in this case.

Authenticated luxury watches at CHRONEXT: You are in safe hands with us, as every watch is inspected by our certified watchmakers and comes with our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty.