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Rolex Day-Date White Gold Watches

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Rolex Day-Date White Gold: Superlatives of luxurious understatement

Hardly any watch exudes as much prestige as the Day-Date. The Rolex Day-Date in white gold takes a very special position. It looks like a stainless steel watch at first glance, and its exclusivity is revealed only to connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Thanks to the large variety of models, there is a suitable variant for almost every taste.

Whether it's the Rolex Day-Date in white gold or in stainless steel, at CHRONEXT, you will find a large selection of Rolex watches for immediate delivery. Each model has been checked for authenticity by our certified watchmakers and comes with a 24-month warranty.

A watch for presidents and business people

The Day-Date is the only model from the Swiss manufacture that has always been available exclusively in precious metals such as gold and platinum. This, and the fact that it has been worn by many US presidents, makes the watches in this collection a symbol of luxury, success and prestige. However, the Rolex Day-Date in white gold reveals its full radiance only to connoisseurs since it looks like a stainless steel model to the untrained eye. Anyone who wears a white-gold version knows about its exclusivity, but only reveals it to other connoisseurs.

Three generations: Rolex Day-Date in white gold with great variety

In the more than 60 years that Day-Date has been in continuous production, the Swiss company has launched numerous variations of the watch. If you are looking for a Rolex Day-Date in white gold, there are many variations available.

Since 2008, the Day-Date II has even been available in a 40-millimetre diameter instead of the classic 36-millimetre version. Since 2015 this model has also been available in a slightly revised form as Day-Date 40. The Rolex Day-Date white gold with blue dial and the Rolex Day-Date 40 white gold are popular models. These models are rare and therefore rarely available. Other variations are less popular with the general public, making the Rolex Day-Date white gold prices for these models extremely attractive.

The Rolex Day-Date White Gold offers the following design options

- Generation: Four, five or six-digit reference

- Diameter: 36mm or 40mm (Day-Date II or Rolex Day-Date 40 white gold)

- Bracelet: Oyster, Presidential or leather strap

- Bezel: Fluted or smooth

- Dial: Different colours and indices, possibly with stones

The first watch with day-date display

While the Rolex Day-Date often focuses on the material used, many people are unaware of the model's horological relevance. In keeping with its name, the model launched in 1956 was the first wristwatch ever to feature a date and day display. Above all, the combination of day-date display, water-resistance and automatic winding was a precision mechanical and technical achievement. To this day, exceptional reliability is one of the core attributes of Rolex watches. So with the Rolex Day-Date in white gold, you are wearing a historically relevant prestige object that will only catch the eye of aficionados.

Buy a Rolex Day-Date in white gold from CHRONEXT

Whether you want to buy a new or pre-owned white gold Rolex Day-Date, you will find numerous models and variants of the collection at different prices in our online shop. Due to the stainless steel hype, full gold models, in particular, are currently available at attractive prices! We offer our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty on all of our timepieces, promising the authenticity and quality of every watch.