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Military Watches

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Luxury military watches from the CHRONEXT online shop

The enthusiasm for military watches peaked after the armed forces of many countries exchanged their mechanical timepieces for modern quartz watches. The market for discontinued military watches continues to grow, thanks to the quality and robustness of watches from renowned brands such as Rolex, Panerai and Co. They are now coveted as upscale collector's items, and, at CHRONEXT, you will find a variety of exclusive military watches at the most competitive prices.

Our top 5 military watches

1. Panerai Radiomir

2. IWC Mark 11 pilot watch

3. TAG Heuer pilot chronograph

4. Rolex Submariner (MilSub)

5. Omega Seamaster 300

Military wristwatches in use

Military watches are robust timepieces with similarities to pilot watches and other special watches. Until the end of the Second World War, the most important function of the military watch was to display time precisely over long periods and to withstand heavy use. Military watches were mainly seen on the wrists of officers from western armies because the precision and durability of a timepiece was particularly important during operations and manoeuvres. After the Second World War, the military watches gradually established itself in civilian society where it has enjoyed great popularity ever since.

A wide range of military wristwatches ensures that all desires and tastes are covered. Passionate collectors may, for example, choose to create portfolios of military watches by country such as those of British or German origin. Alternatively, they may diversify with subcategories based on branches of the armed forces, i.e. army, air force and navy or special units. Aviator watches, diving watches and watches for field use are all referred to as military watches.

Famous watches in collaboration with Royal Air Force, US Army & Co.

Before timepieces were given the rank of a military watch, they had to endure extensive tests and, above all, pass them. These watches had to meet a whole list of requirements, such as accuracy in the event of extreme temperature fluctuations, resistance to pressure, shock absorption, anti-magnetic properties, or the reliable behaviour of the movement under the influence of high acceleration forces. The legendary Bundeswehr pilot watch, the Military Chronograph by Tutima, is still in service today. It is characterised by its ability to withstand centrifugal forces with an acceleration rate of up to seven times from gravity.

Various military units around the world have entered productive collaborations with well-known watch houses. In addition to the German Bundeswehr, these included the Royal Air Force, the US Army and the Italian Army. Another merger took place between soldiers and pilots, and so the most popular pilot watches came to be seen on the wrists of military personnel.

Buy exclusive pre-owned military watches

The wave of enthusiasm for military watches among connoisseurs began in the 1980s. Initially rare watches were offered on the open market where they were immediately snapped up. Later classics, such as the legendary IWC Mark 11, were acquired by new owners. The former mission timepieces were, and are, in demand as historical artefacts, especially from collector’s markets.

The model ranges available from major watch manufacturers shows that classic watches often serve as models for new editions. The same applies to the design and function of military watches. In the meantime, discerning customers can choose between modern replica military wristwatches from luxury brands or opt for real vintage classics.

Rarity, condition, and any accessories are of enormous importance when it comes to weighing up an asking price. For buyers, thorough research makes it easier to weigh the economic outlay against the personal enjoyment you’ll gain from your new timepiece.

Special Editions – pay homage to original military wristwatches

As an alternative to used original military watches, there is also the option of purchasing a new watch that was created through a collaboration with military units or designed as a tribute to special military watches. The IWC Big Pilot is a prime example of a homage to the navigation watch for the German Air Force from 1940 paired with key features of the later Mark 11 pilot watch for the Royal Air Force.

The robust design became the model for the military-style pilot's watch par excellence and has delighted many watch collectors for decades. A basic distinction must be made between modern military-style watches and the classic models that actually served the military as reliable measuring instruments.

Buy military watches from Omega, Rolex, IWC and more online at CHRONEXT

Do you want to fulfill your dream of owning a robust military watch? You’re guaranteed to find just what you’re looking for among the extensive collection in the CHRONEXT online shop. You can choose from numerous men's watches as well as luxurious women's watches. Whether new, used or vintage, CHRONEXT has the right model for every preference.

Benefit from the many advantages of online shopping and order your desired watch conveniently from home. Every watch bought through CHRONEXT is carefully checked for quality and authenticity in our inhouse master workshop. Each purchase also comes with the 24-month CHRONEXT warranty.