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Rolex Submariner Green

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2003 – The Rolex Submariner green is born

Since its release in 1953, the Rolex Submariner has blazed a trail with its undisputed spirit of innovation. Fast forward half a century, and the Geneva-based company launched a special model (reference 16610LV) with a green aluminium bezel and black dial to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Updating the sporty, elegant design of the original, the Rolex Submariner green caused a sensation worldwide. Just a few years later in 2010, the brand achieved another groundbreaking success with the next evolution of the green Submariner. From that historic moment, the new Reference 116610LV not only featured the well-known bezel – this time made of Rolex's signature Cerachrom ceramic – but also a stylish new green dial. Thanks to its pedigree, the Submariner in green is one of the most sought-after collector's watches on the market.

If you're eager to buy a Rolex Submariner green watch, the bad news is that you could face a waiting time of three to five years when you shop at conventional brick and mortar stores. At CHRONEXT you can take your pick from a large selection of Rolex green models at attractive prices, then benefit from immediate delivery. Seize the moment and snag the best Rolex Submariner green price out there by visiting our online store! Take the plunge into the world of diving watches and be inspired by this peerless brand.

Rolex Submariner green price check: how much does the green Rolex cost?

If you're in the market for a Submariner green, there are two breathtaking editions currently available: green-black or green-green. Both models are superb high performance timepieces that make a powerful statement. Lean more about the unbeatable Rolex Submariner green price offers at CHRONEXT here.

Sought after collector's item – the unique Submariner green

Whether new or pre-owned, the appeal of the Rolex green is legendary, and it's one of the most popular collectibles on the designer watch market. Thanks to the high demand, these finely made timepieces have potential to appreciate in value. Watch enthusiasts and collectors worldwide are particularly keen on the Submariner green with the reference code 16610LV because Rolex has discontinued this model. Equally the so-called Flat Four models, which were produced between 2003 and 2004, are also very popular. You can recognize the Submariner Flat Four by the flattened four in the numeral 40 on the bezel. At CHRONEXT this rare collector's item can be bagged for significantly less than £22,000.

The Submariner green dial and green bezel (Ref. 116610LV) offers you the most affordable option among Rolex green variants. But with a waiting list of three to five years, it's still one of the most popular Rolex watches out there. In our online shop, models from 2019 are available right now for an unbeatable price of £13,535.

Price-performance check: what does the Rolex Submariner Date in green have to offer

While the two green Submariner editions – the Rolex Submariner green bezel and the Rolex Submariner green dial – each has its distinctive visual appeal, they're equally impressive from a technical standpoint. Both watches are multi-functional and attuned to the needs of an active life. For some further insight, let's take a look at the technical specs of the Rolex Submariner Date in green:

In-house automatic calibre 3135 mechanism with date display

Precision at the highest level: designed in-house, the COSC-certified calibre 3135 automatic movement is the beating heart of all Rolex Submariner green bezel and dial models. As a result, Submariner watches are extremely accurate. According to Rolex, the gait deviation per day is two seconds maximum. The power reserve is 48 hours.

Water resistance up to 300 metersIdeal companion for professional divers: with a casing

made of robust 904L stainless steel, green Rolex Submariner models are water resistant to 300 meters. The 904L alloy offers significantly more protection against scratches and corrosion than more standard types of stainless steel. Meanwhile the watch case's water tight seal is given the perfect finishing touch via the innovative triplock crown of the Rolex green, able to withstand ocean depths up to 30 bar.

Easy to read thanks to Chromalight

A watch for adventurers and explorers: the Submariner in green is a tough customer that can do the hard miles. So it can be at your side in any situation, the watch is coated with Rolex's own luminous substance Chromalight: a shade of blue that glows in the dark.

Adjustable bracelet with innovative Glidelock clasp

Quick and easy: by virtue of its Glidelock clasp, you can speedily adapt the Rolex Submariner green's strap to your wrist – especially useful if you're putting it on over a wetsuit.