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Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 Models

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Omega Apollo 11: Strictly limited special edition models

In July 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first people to step on to the moon in an historic event that has no comparison to this day; the astronauts shared this legendary moment with no less a watch than the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11.

In honour of this unique moment in history with the legendary Omega Speedmaster, the renowned Swiss company regularly launches special limited editions. For example, the rare Commemorative Edition from 1969 or the Omega Apollo 11 50th anniversary Professional Moonwatch.

Omega Apollo 11 – Sought after collectables

Due to strict limitations and the iconic history of the fascinating Speedmaster series, some Apollo 11 special editions from Omega represent astute and interesting investments. Collectors and watch enthusiasts around the world yearn to call these rare models their own. Since the Speedmaster Apollo 11 has been launched as special editions for various anniversaries, you will find what you’re looking for on renowned luxury watch marketplaces such as CHRONEXT if you have your heart set on one of these legendary timepieces.

Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11

An overview of the special editions

Commemorative Edition (Ref. BA145.022-69)

The first special edition of Omega featured the addition of the "Apollo 11" dates from 1969 and was launched to celebrate the successful moon landing. The Commemorative Edition with caliber 861 was limited to 1014 copies and a total of 28 models went to NASA astronauts. This Omega Apollo 11 50th anniversary is watch extremely rare and not easy to find on the luxury watch marketplace. However, should you come across this model in good condition, the current price for an Omega Apollo 50th anniversary is around £45,050.

These special edition Omega Apollo 11 50th anniversary gold watches are fashioned from 18-carat gold. The gleaming case, dial and bracelet offer a striking contrast to the tachymeter bezel which shines in rich burgundy red.

Reference BA345.0802 & BC345.0802 – yellow and white gold variants

For the occasion of the 10th anniversary in 1979, Omega launched Apollo 11 editions in yellow and white gold. While the yellow gold version was produced 300 times, the version made of fine white gold was limited to just 20. Both models are equipped with a black tachymeter bezel and feature a superb visible base that reveals the wonderfully decorated 861L caliber - "L" stands for luxury.

In contrast to the white gold variant, you can find the yellow-gold Omega Apollo 11 watch relatively easily on the used market. A well-preserved copy costs around £24,320 to £27,000.

Reference ST145.022 – black dial, black bezel

The Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 with the reference ST145.022 was released to mark the 20th anniversary. It was limited to just 6,250 copies. Black details create a classy look. The bezel and the dial are black, while the hands are made of luminous white material. The housing is fashioned from stainless steel and the 861 caliber ticks in this stylish watch. The Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 price is one of the most competitive at around £5,500.

Reference 3692.30 & 3097.30 – Skeletonised dial and platinum case

Omega unveiled three variants of the Apollo 11 Speedmaster to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the historic moon landing: a classic model made of stainless steel, one made of white gold and a precious platinum variant.

The stainless steel watch was produced a total of 2,500 times and does not differ in looks from the 20th-anniversary model. Only the "Apollo XI 1969 - 1994" engraving is new.

The white-gold watch shimmers with a white-silver-plated dial and a sapphire crystal back which reveals the view of the 864 caliber. This watch was limited to 500 pieces.

The dial and movement of the platinum version are skeletonized by hand and the watch is a real eye-catcher on the wrist. The model, limited to just 50 pieces, is extremely rare and therefore difficult to get hold of.

Reference 3560.50 – Omega Apollo 11 with caliber 1861 for the first time

1999 marked the 30th anniversary of the moon landing. To mark the auspicious occasion, Omega launched a new special edition; the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch. Like its predecessor, the stainless steel watch (Ref. 3560.50) has a black dial and black bezel as well as white luminescent hands and indices.

The 30th-anniversary model is available from around £2,975 on the used market. The back is engraved with the words “Hello Houston, tranquillity base here. The Eagle has landed”.

Omega Apollo 11 35th Anniversary – Panda dial & printed sapphire crystal caseback

The Apollo 11 35th Anniversary differs significantly from the design of previous editions for the first time. The model (Ref. 3569.31) is limited to a total of 3,500 pieces and features the so-called Panda dial - white dial with black totalisers. For some colour, the date of the moon landing is printed directly under the typical "Speedmaster Professional" lettering. The mission emblem of the Apollo 11 is printed on the inside of the case back.

Usually this Omega Apollo 11 timepiece costs around £9.500.

Omega Apollo 11 40th Anniversary – mission emblem on the dial & bottom

In 2009, 40 years had passed since the moon landing. In honour of this exceptional mission, Omega launched new models in stainless steel and platinum. Both watches feature the noble matt black dial and black bezel with tachymeter scale, white luminescent indices and hands and the 1861 movement.

The only noticeable difference lies in the engraving and the price. While the small second at 9 o'clock on the stainless steel variant has a silver relief of the mission emblem, the platinum version features a gold mission emblem. The stainless steel watch costs around £5,140 and the platinum version is around £48,650.

Reference 311. – PVD dial, titanium case & rose gold hands

In 2014, a new Omega Apollo 11 came onto the market for the first time, equipped with a titanium case, a rose gold bezel with a black ceramic insert and a dial with a PVD coating. The character-rich watch is exceptional as well as extravagant and limited to a total of 1,969 pieces. In particular, the 3D effect of the dial is what makes the model so charming. This is due to the slightly raised minute and second markings, the raised logo and numbers as well as the scales of the subdials.

In good condition, the price of this Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 is around £9,000.

Omega Apollo 11 50th anniversary watch models – Moonshine gold & stainless steel

In 2019, the renowned Swiss manufacturer celebrated the 50th anniversary of man’s first steps on the moon with two new Omega Apollo 11 editions. The first watch (Ref. 310. is made of the finest Moonshine gold and is based on the design of the very first Speedmaster watch from 1969. The second watch is made of stainless steel and stands out with its black dial and hands and indices made of 18-carat gold.

Discover the details of the 2019 Omega Apollo 11 Edition

At 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. – Unique homage to the Apollo 11

Two applications on the dial of the 2019 Omega Apollo 11 o'clock refer to the incredible mission of Neil Armstrong's crew like no other special edition before. The number’s 11 and nine are lavishly embellished with 18-carat Moonshine ™ gold. There is also a subdial made of 18-carat Moonshine ™ at 9 o'clock that depicts astronaut Buzz Aldrin as he climbs out of the ferry onto the surface of the moon. The sub-dial was blackened and then elaborately engraved with a laser.

Innovative Moonshine ™ gold alloy

Whether Omega logo, indices or bezel – many of the fine components of the Apollo 11 special edition consist of the patented Moonshine™ gold alloy. What is special about the 18-carat alloy is its paler colour in contrast to traditional yellow gold. It gives the watch a particularly classy and classic look without appearing stale.

"A small step for one person, but a big one for all of humanity"

Buzz Aldrin's footprint is engraved on the moon's surface on the blackened case back of the Omega Apollo 11 Moonwatch Apollo 11. In addition, Neil Armstrong's famous 18-carat Moonshine ™ gold quote adorns the back of the watch.

Selling your Omega Apollo 11 watch

Do you want to sell your Omega Apollo 11 watch? At CHRONEXT, you’ll find the entire process simple and uncomplicated. We are committed to finding you the best possible deal and offer comprehensive advice on your sales options. Whether trade-in, commission or direct sale – contact our experienced team by phone, e-mail or via live chat and we will be happy to advise you. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form. We will get back to you within a few days.