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Founded in 1874, Piaget is world renowned for its exquisite wristwatches and jewellery. Men and women alike admire this brand's prestige and elegance, so it's no surprise to see Piaget watches on the wrists of many prominent figures.

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Piaget watches: their history, models and prices, new and vintage

Discover wonderful Piaget watches online

Founded in 1874, Piaget is world renowned for its exquisite wristwatches and jewellery. Men and women alike admire this brand's prestige and elegance, so it's no surprise to see Piaget watches on the wrists of many prominent figures.

  • In 1874, Georges Edouard Piaget established his first watchmaking workshop on his parents' farm in La-Côte-aux-Fées.

  • In addition to technically complex wristwatches, Piaget has also created a stream of fine dress watches and jewellery since the 1960s.

  • Piaget's particular claim to fame is for manufacturing ultra-thin movements. Some of the world's narrowest timepieces are the brainchildren of this pioneering brand.

  • Celebrity Piaget watch fans include actors Hugh Jackman, Jamie Foxx and Matthew McConaughey.

The Piaget story


Piaget's history dates back to 1874 when Georges Edouard Piaget set up a rudimentary watchmaking workshop on his parents' farm in La-Côte-aux-Fées, in the Swiss province of Neuchâtel. Initially, Piaget manufactured pocket watches and precision movements for other watch companies. In 1911, Georges Edouard handed over management of the company to his son Timothée. It was in that year that the fledgling company started to make wristwatches for the first time.

Even so, it wasn't until 1943 that Piaget was finally registered as a brand in its own right by the founder's grandchildren, Gérald and Valentin. Under the leadership of this third generation, the Swiss watchmaker at last achieved its international breakthrough. More than that, Piaget quickly became a byword for precision engineering. 1945 saw the opening of a second factory in their home town of La-Côte-aux-Fées. This was to specialise in the development of ultra flat movements and other groundbreaking horological innovations. In 1957, Piaget succeeded in launching an ultra flat movement, the 9P. Measuring only 2 mm in height, this was the world's flattest mechanical hand-wound movement to date.

Piaget models have set many records

Master of ultra-flat watchmaking

Over the decades, Piaget has earned a huge reputation as a creator sophisticated timepieces with ultra slim movements. When other companies are looking for compact solutions, they often turn to Piaget. The 12P calibre developed in 1960 was the flattest automatic movement in the world at the time – a miniscule 2.3 mm high. But this hasn't been the sole focus of the company's attention. It has also expanded its portfolio into the realm of fine jewellery.

From 1964, Piaget launched several dress watches with dials made of semi-precious stones such as lapis lazuli, turquoise, onyx and tiger's eye. While the movements of the Piaget watches continue to be manufactured in La-Côte-aux-Fées, in 2001 a new factory was opened in Plan-les-Ouates near Geneva to handle the jewellery aspect of the business. Here over 40 skilled watchmakers and goldsmiths work together under one roof in the pursuit of meticulous craftsmanship.

As the new millennium dawned, Piaget continued to be as innovative as ever. In 2002, the company introduced its first tourbillon movement, the 600P. With a height of just 3.5 mm, this was another record-breaking accomplishment. In 2009 the wafer-thin 12P from the 1960s finally met with a worthy successor. A mere 2.35 mm, the 1208P is the thinnest automatic movement of its kind. It became the basis for the most ultra flat automatic watch ever, the Altiplano 43 mm (height: 5.25 mm). For its 140th birthday, the company once again outdid itself with the launch of its thinnest manual wind watch, the Altiplano 900P (total height: 3.65 mm). Again and again, Piaget proves that there is no technical challenge it cannot master.

Emperador, Polo, Altiplano

Famous Piaget watch models

Piaget is famous worldwide for idiosyncratic creations that stand out from the crowd in just the right way, exuding elegance and individuality in equal measure. Over the decades it's been in business, Piaget has launched many collections that have an ardent following among watch enthusiasts to this day. One example is the Piaget Emperador from 1957. Rectangular with rounded corners, this wristwatch is particularly notable for its curved profile, designed to snugly fit the contours the wrist. Several equally acclaimed updates followed, such as the Piaget Emperador XL in rose gold.

1979 saw the launch of another emblematic Piaget watch, the Polo. Sporty and elegant, this model is perhaps most memorable for the striking horizontal stripes on its round case. In 2006 there was a new edition with an automatic movement.

In 1998 there appeared what is probably the most famous Piaget watch of all: the Altiplano. This is characterised by the purity and finesse of its design, with its clear, minimalist dial and stupendously slim profile. Whenever the company creates a new, record-breakingly thin movement, it always makes its debut in this watch. As a result, this collection includes items like the Altiplano 900P, the narrowest hand-wound watch in the world.

Celebrities love Piaget

Piaget watches and jewellery

Piaget watches and jewellery are both very popular with celebrities. To enhance this synergy, the company sponsors the Spirit Awards, an American independent film festival. The Piaget brand always features strongly at the Oscars when the Hollywood stars walk the red carpet. For example, Scarlett Johansson and official brand ambassador Jessica Chastain have both sported the latest looks from Piaget at the Academy Awards. And Piaget is equally popular with male Hollywood stars. Hugh Jackman, Jamie Foxx and Matthew McConaughey often make public appearances with an elegant Piaget watch on their wrists.

Many other celebrities are just as enchanted by the Piaget brand. Jazz singer Chie Ayado, Japanese fashion designer Noriko Maeda, violinist Chika Edanami and Dree Hemingway (model and granddaughter of the famous writer) are among the brand's loyal followers.

Coveted models at CHRONEXT

From Limelight to Traditional: Piaget's watches are masterpieces of traditional watchmaking, successfully demonstrating fine craftsmanship combined with a spirit of technical innovation. Discover three of the most coveted models at CHRONEXT: