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Hermès Watches

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Hermès – Top class watches

The French company Hermès has always embodied the epitome of luxury and lifestyle. What began as a high fashion brand in 1837 has developed into a gigantic empire over the decades: In addition to bags, perfume and jewellery, Hermès is now also recognised worldwide for its unique luxury watches. In order to guarantee you the high quality you are used to, Hermès exclusively uses Swiss movements.

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Hermès watches at CHRONEXT

Whether the Hermès Clipper or the Hermès Heure H: At CHRONEXT, you can find an attractive selection of watches from the French luxury manufacturer. In particular, you get a great money saving deal for the used and vintage models. We offer a full service to make the purchase of your watch as easy and convenient as possible.

When buying from CHRONEXT, you are guaranteed the authenticity of every watch thanks to our in-house master workshop. Also, our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty ensures maximum security.