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Omega Seamaster Railmaster

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Omega Seamaster Railmaster: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Omega Seamaster Railmaster

A time-tested design and a fascinating history: the Omega Aqua Terra Railmaster Line was successfully introduced in 2003 and draws inspiration from the vintage designs of the 1950's. Today, the Railmaster is no longer available in the Omega catalogue, but the model continues to draw vintage watch enthusiasts under its spell.

Omega Railmaster

A watch for scientists, engineers, and railway-mechanics

A watch for scientists, engineers, and railway-mechanics

1957 was a pivotal year for Omega. With the presentation of three new watch models - Omega Speedmaster, Omega Seamaster and Omega Railmaster - Omega firmly established itself within the field of professional watches otherwise known as "tool watches".

While the Omega Speedmaster assists race drivers and appeals to car enthusiasts, the Seamaster speaks to a quickly growing diving community, while the Omega Railmaster is primarily utilized by scientists, engineers, and individuals who are employed within the railway industry. Since 1985, Omega has been supplying pocket watches to railway companies.

However, railway employees have been admiring the precision and elegance of Omega timepieces on their wrists since 1957. A special feature of the Omega Railmaster from 1957 (Ref. CK 2914) includes a double case that protects the watch’s movement from magnetic fields. This unique feature is incredibly practical since it protects the timepiece from the disruptive impact that strong electrical currents can have on the composition, and ultimately the precision, of the watch. The protective double casing allows the Railmaster to resist magnetic fields, making it the perfect watch for railway mechanics and railway engineers.

The sophisticated and protective Omega mechanism was utilized in military watches that were supplied to the British Royal Airforce in 1953. These non-commercial watches are considered to be the predecessors of the Omega Railmaster.

Railmaster Chronometer and Railmaster Chronometer XXL

The Omega Railmaster merges with the Omega Aqua Terra Line

The 1957 Railway master is comprised of a timeless and unique design. The year 2003 brought with it changes for Omega; the manufacturer rediscovered the timeless elegance of the Railmaster dial and decided to reinterpret the legendary Railmaster watch as part of the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra collection. A fusion of tradition and innovation ensued as the new Omega Seamaster Railmaster combined vintage design elements with new and advanced technologies, which is embodied by two basic models: the Railmaster Chronometer and the Railmaster XXL Chronometer.

Currently, the Seamaster Railmaster timepieces are no longer being produced by Omega. Compared to the original 1950’s Railmaster (Ref. CK2914), however, the contemporary 2003 model is available at a favourable price on the second-hand market.