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Chanel Mademoiselle

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Chanel Mademoiselle – The highlight of savoir-faires

The name Chanel Mademoiselle not only refers to the sensual perfume of the Parisian brand but also stands for the playful watch collection for women. Whether modern round or classically square: the Mademoiselle series shines with two different case shapes. The futuristic dial has no indexes and instead features luxurious gem-setting. Thanks to Chanel's long tradition, vintage lovers will also get their money's worth – for example, with the 1989 rectangular Mademoiselle reference in platinum and calfskin.

Whether quartz watch, automatic movement or manual winding: at CHRONEXT, you can obtain Chanel Mademoiselle watches in various designs. Discover your new favourite watch in our huge selection of over 7,000 models.

The many faces of Mademoiselle

The Chanel Mademoiselle has many faces: in addition to a round and 37.5-millimetre watch case, you can choose the more classic version in square. You also have a choice when it comes to the design of the dial: black, pavé or mother-of-pearl are just some of the available variations. The futuristic dial is modern and contemporary; it lacks indexes and instead focuses on decoration with high-quality diamonds and precious stones. The bezel of the Chanel Mademoiselle is also refined with diamonds in many references, hence adding a luxurious charm. Despite the magnificent gemstone setting, the collection always radiates elegance and grace. Chanel Mademoiselle stands for the embodiment of absolute femininity.

Special features of the collection

  • Calibre: quartz, automatic movement or manual winding
  • Housing: Round or square
  • Diameter: 37.5 mm (round) or 23 mm (square)
  • Case material: white or yellow gold, platinum
  • Bracelet: leather, fabric
  • Condition: New, used and vintage references available

Since Chanel has always focused on luxurious design and first-class quality, Mademoiselle watches are in the five to six-digit price range, depending on the reference. If you are looking for a relatively cheaper Chanel Mademoiselle price range, it is always a good idea to have a look at the second-hand market. Used and vintage models may offer you substantial discounts.

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Buy Chanel Mademoiselle watches online at CHRONEXT

At CHRONEXT you can buy other Chanel watches in addition to the Chanel Mademoiselle – at lower prices than the list price. In addition to the models in the five to six-digit segment, you can also buy used and vintage watches for considerably less money. For example, a vintage Chanel Mademoiselle watch costs less than 5,000 pounds at CHRONEXT. Every watch is checked for authenticity by our certified watchmakers and then has been provided with a 24-month warranty.

If you decide to purchase from CHRONEXT, you will benefit from our comprehensive customer service and exclusive advantages like free shipping worldwide. If you have any questions, our experts will be happy to advise you at any time, and we will also be glad to inform you about various financing options.