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Rolex Submariner No Date

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The classic without date display - Rolex Submariner No Date

The Rolex Submariner No Date is a classic model hailing from the very beginning of the Submariner series when the legendary diving watch was still produced without a date. The No Date is the most affordable model in the series, and vintage examples are particularly popular. When you place an order for a Rolex Submariner No Date new off the production line, you can encounter waiting times of two years or more. At CHRONEXT, however, it's a much speedier process. You'll find the watches in our online store, ready to go straight on your wrist.

Rolex Submariner No Date price options at CHRONEXT

The cost of a Rolex Submariner No Date can vary widely depending on whether you go for a new, vintage or pre-owned example. Pre-owned models retail on CHRONEXT from around £7,170, while the price of a brand new watch is in the five-digit range. Vintage models can be cheaper or more expensive – it all depends upon the collectability of that particular reference number among Rolex enthusiasts.

Rolex Submariner No Date with black dial

Unlike its sister model with date display, the Rolex Submariner No Date is only available with a black dial and bezel. It also only comes in stainless steel. There are some subtle differences between different examples, though. For instance, depending on the year of production, the watch has a different level of water resistance. Early models from 1954 were only water-resistant to 10 bar. From 1979, this increased to 300 metres. In addition, there are some references in circulation with a water resistance of up to 200 metres.

Whichever version you opt for, you can expect the sort of high quality that's characteristic of the illustrious Geneva-based company. The Rolex Submariner No Date generally boasts the following features for durability and ease of use:

1.) Stainless steel oyster case 2.)Stainless steel bracelet with Oysterlock folding clasp & Glidelock extension (at Ref. 114060) 3.) Water resistance up to 300 metres (30 bar) 4.) Chronometer-certified movement engineered in-house 5.) Scratch-resistant Cerachrom bezel (on current models) 6.) Clean, crisp design without a date magnifier

Reference numbers that are particularly sought after among collectors

The Rolex Submariner has built up a fascinating backstory over the decades. It's therefore hardly surprising that there are certain vintage models that have a special allure for collectors and watch enthusiasts. Here are some of the most coveted reference codes.

James Bond watches - The Submariner No Date

Reference numbers 6204, 6538 and 5510 are affectionately dubbed the "James Bond watches" by collectors. Their appearance in those early 007 movies strapped to the wrist of actor Sean Connery has earned them iconic status not only in the world of watches but in popular culture more generally. Valued at over £100,000, Reference 6538 is the most expensive of this highly desirable trio. A slightly more affordable option is the Rolex Submariner No Date Ref. 55110. Priced between £17,000 for a used model and £33,000 for an as-new, unworn example, this watch still represents comparatively good value for money.

COMEX models

Rolex designed the so-called COMEX models especially for the French company Compagnie maritime d'expertise (COMEX) in very limited numbers. Based on the Submariner reference 5513, these watches (Ref. 5514) are marked with white COMEX lettering on the dial and a recessed helium valve at nine o'clock. These watches have considerable rarity value. While you might pay around £8,500 euros for a standard Ref. 5513, COMEX models will cost you between £32,000 and £49,000 depending on the condition.

A journey through the new generations

In 1988, the company launched the Rolex Submariner No Date 14060, with its impressive 3000 movement. This model sells for around £4,900. A decade later, the 14060M appeared with the updated 3130 calibre. This technical upgrade has a price: you pay around £6,900 for an M reference watch in pristine, unworn condition, dropping to around £5,200 for a standard pre-owned model.

In 2012, the Rolex Submariner No Date received a stunning facelift. The reference model 114060 comes with a chunky new case and crown protection. It's also equipped with the Maxi Dial with enlarged, luminous time markings, plus a scratch-resistant ceramic bezel is available too. The stainless steel bracelet with Oysterlock clasp and the practical Glidelock extension now ensure perfect wearing comfort. As with its predecessor, a powerful 3130 movement is installed, but in 2012 a blue Parachrom hairspring was added for even more accuracy. The price of this model ranges between £5,300 and £6,200.

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