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Rolex Rootbeer

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Rolex Rootbeer: Revival of a Classic

The Rolex GMT-Master was only available in plain black for many years, but today, you can find it in the classic two-tone bezel. The Rolex Rootbeer is meant to work as a revival of the famous Rolex Root beer GMT Master that was popular in the 1960s. It was the biggest surprise at Baselworld 2018. You can buy a pre-owned Rolex GMT Rootbeer at CHRONEXT – both the vintage variant and the current version.

Rolex Rootbeer

GMT for Pilots

A key feature of the Rolex GMT-Master II Rootbeer is the two-tone bezel, and in particular, it has been distinguished by the Rolex Pepsi that is available in blue and red. The same feature can be found in the Rolex Submariner. The original GMT Master, which had the reference number 6542, was released in 1952 and was specifically meant to be used by professional pilots. It featured the two-tone bezel, which made it easy for pilots to distinguish between night and day with a quick glance.

Rolex Rootbeer in English, Tiger's Eye in German

In the 1960s, the Rootbeer GMT was released to the market. It was given the name 'root beer' because of its use in the USA and Canadian markets. The watch had the same brown bezel colour as root beer. The case and strap material are either bi-colour or solid gold. In Germany, the Rolex GMT Rootbeer is commonly referred to as the Tiger's Eye.

At the moment, you can get the original model of the Rolex Rootbeer GMT Master with both four- and five-digit references. You can also get the new edition of the Rolex Rootbeer GMT. This device was presented at Baselworld 2018 and featured a six-digit reference.

Rolex Rootbeer for Sale from CHRONEXT

At CHRONEXT you will be able to purchase the vintage and the new Rootbeer. The new Rolex GMT Rootbeer has a reference of 126711CHNR and 126715CHNR. The two could only be purchased at jewellers' shops, and buyers had to wait several years to get the timepiece. However, you can get them at the CHRONEXT online shop with no waiting time. Since the two references are extremely popular, they have a high chance of appreciating in value. At worst, the Rolex Rootbeer price is extremely unlikely to fall.

By purchasing a vintage Rolex Root beer, you will be able to enjoy a 2-year warranty from CHRONEXT, and this guarantee is only given after a detailed inspection in the in-house master workshop is conducted. We can guarantee you authenticity and excellent functionality in the watches we sell. It is possible to even make your order online and pick the watch up at any of our locations. Some of the locations are located in London, Berlin, Cologne, and Hamburg.

You can also choose to trade-in your used watch at CHRONEXT. If you want to take advantage of this option, simply fill out the online form.

New or Used Rootbeer?

The Rolex Rootbeer GMT is available in different versions, and you can consider these options when buying a Rootbeer:

  • New or old - The advantage of the old four- and five-digit reference Rolex is that they come with old-school charm and offer very high levels of comfort, owing to their weight and size. If you are more interested in impeccable workmanship, you should go for the new one.

  • Yellow, gold, or Everose gold - The vintage Rootbeer is only available in yellow gold colour, which could be full gold or bi-colour. On the other hand, the new Rolex Rootbeer that was released in 2018 can only be found in Everose gold, which is redder.

  • The bezels - The bezel of the new Rootbeer is brown-black, while that of the older Rootbeer is brown or brown-black.

  • Oyster or anniversary band - The vintage Rootbeer featured both straps, but the new Rootbeer only has an Oyster strap.