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Rolex Daytona Platinum Watches

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Made of precious metal: the Rolex Daytona in platinum

The exclusive Daytona platinum collection (Ref. 116506) presents the Swiss brand's famous flagship model Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in a platinum version of peerless quality. To deliver the pristine sheen you'd expect from that rare metal while still preserving all the robustness that typically comes from an Oyster case, the company uses an alloy of 950 thousandths of platinum with a dash of equally rare ruthenium.

The Daytona series is a classic of the luxury watch industry, a true legend with the potential to add value over the years. With the Rolex Daytona Platin (to give it its Swiss name), the case, bracelet, backing and folding safety clasp are all made of platinum. This kind of quality doesn't come cheap, however, so expect to pay a premium compared to the stainless steel version. Even so, at CHRONEXT you'll come across the Rolex Daytona Platinum at competitively low prices. On top of which, we offer the best interest rates in the industry, so you can easily finance your dream watch.

The Rolex Daytona in platinum comes in a number of stunning variations

Since the 50th anniversary of the coveted Daytona series in 2013, a total of four different variations of the platinum Daytona have been available. Each reference model is made from precious metal throughout. The standard Rolex Daytona Platinum diamond trim adds to their brilliance, as do practical luminous hands. Meanwhile Rolex's massively chunky Oyster bracelet guarantees maximum comfort and sporty elegance.

Discover the full variety of the Rolex Daytona in platinum as we take a look at the different designs:

1) Reference 116506

Reference 116506 is arguably one of the most legendary versions of the platinum Daytona. This model is known to watch lovers and collectors worldwide thanks to its metallic dial in beautiful, shiny ice blue. Another notable feature is the functional bezel made of polished ceramic with a tachymeter scale. At CHRONEXT you can buy this model from £65,500.

2) Reference 116506-Dia

Reference 116506-Dia also has an attractive ice blue dial. This popular version of the Rolex Daytona in platinum is adorned with a diamond of exceptional clarity in an elegant baguette cut, alongside a polished ceramic bezel with a precise tachymeter scale.

3) Reference 116506-D

This reference model is a more pared back, entry level option in the Rolex Daytona platinum range. It's equipped with a polished ceramic bezel and has a functional tachymeter scale.

4) Reference 116576TBR

Probably the most luxurious variant of the entire platinum Daytona series is reference 116576TBR. Baguette cut diamonds adorn the bezel to create an impression of true opulence.

High precision chronograph with Swiss quality

Purchasing a watch from a traditional Swiss brand is always a smart decision. Here are a few of the features that make the Rolex Daytona platinum such a good buy:

- Great investment potential

- High precision 4130 movement

- Power reserve of around 72 hours

- Automatic self-winding

- Anti-magnetic Parachrom hairspring

- Platinum alloy 950

Inspired by motorsport, Rolex's Daytona series has been captivating watch enthusiasts since 1963, and since 2013 an even more luxurious platinum version has been available. Like gold, platinum is one of the noble metals that doesn't corrode over time through exposure to the elements. This is just one of the reasons why the Rolex Daytona platinum watch is a sound investment for the future.

Its beautiful exterior is matched by a number of impressive technical refinements. These include the high precision 4130 calibre – a chronograph movement that consists of far fewer components than you generally see in conventional calibres from other luxury watchmakers, making it more efficient and long lasting. Engineered in-house at Rolex, this movement also has a mechanism for automatic self-winding and a power reserve of around 72 hours. Thanks to its Parachrom hairspring, the watch can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, and vibrations and magnetic fields are also no problem.

Alloy 950 and the advantages of platinum

The Rolex Daytona platinum is produced using a high quality alloy with a platinum content of 950 parts per thousand. Much like gold, platinum is one of the most sought after materials in the world because of its attractive properties. Most importantly, it's highly resistant to corrosion. This means that even after decades, your watch should show practically no signs of wear, assuming you've been taking reasonably good care of it. This in turn makes the watch an appealing investment, because even after many years a good return is assured. In fact, if you own a Daytona made of platinum that you would like to sell, we'll make you an attractive offer right now. Just contact us by phone, email or via our online form.

It takes years of experience and craftsmanship to process platinum. Since the metal is soft and can easily slip out of shape, only highly trained specialists can work with it effectively. A pristine Rolex Daytona in platinum is, therefore, the ultimate proof of Swiss watchmaking excellence.