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Breitling Chronographs (Colt - Chronomat 44)


Refined and functional: first-class Breitling chronograph options

Breitling is celebrated around the world for its pilot's watches and sophisticated chronographs. Whether it's the Breitling Chronometer 44, the Colt, Navitimer, Transocean or Avenger, you'll find some stunning Breitling chronographs at CHRONEXT at unbeatable prices.

The beginnings of the modern stopwatch

The father of the stopwatch was French watchmaker Nicolas Rieussec. Created in 1821, his groundbreaking device was not only able to record time intervals to a fifth of a second, it also clearly displayed them with an elegant line system. Combining the ancient Greek terms for "time" (Chronos) and "writing" (graphics), Rieussec christened his invention the "chronograph" and immediately patented it. With that, the modern stopwatch was born.

Since then, chronograph functions have become an integral part of the watch industry. Many of the most desirable models in the world boast this feature – including numerous vintage Breitling chronographs. Bringing their own unique spin to this topic, chronographs have been available for decades. One of the company's supreme highlights is the in-house movement with trailing-hand chronograph that's installed in the Breitling Navitimer B03 Chronograph Rattrapante 45. Models such as the Breitling Chronograph 44 and the Breitling Chronograph Colt also rank among the brand's top sellers.

The Colt, Navitimer and more: the Breitling chronographs at a glance

Breitling is known for its functional, long-lasting timepieces, skilfully executed down to the smallest detail. The top five Breitling chronographs at CHRONEXT are all fine examples, watches that are deservedly popular and that hold their value.

1st place: Breitling Chronograph Colt – a high precision military watch

Developed for the military in the 1980s, the Breitling Colt has been embraced by the watch-buying public as a super-reliable all-rounder. Customers appreciate the high precision stopwatch mechanism, the easy readability of the various functions and the overall style and pedigree of this watch. You can bag the Breitling Chronograph Colt from CHRONEXT for less than £4,500.

2nd place: The Breitling Avenger – a shockproof watch for cool customers

The Avenger collection from Breitling is another important chapter in the company's success story. Shockproof, multifunctional and easy to use, this reliable chronograph comes in a stainless steel version or with a sporty fabric strap. At CHRONEXT you can snag a Breitling Avenger from £3,180.

3rd place: The Breitling Navitimer – a cutting edge pilot's watch

Without a doubt, the Breitling Navitimer is a true legend, one of the most popular mechanical chronographs in the world. The watch has been gracing the wrists of pilots and aviation enthusiasts since 1952, and it looks equally dashing at ground level too. The price at CHRONEXT for a new model from 2020 is around £2,860.

4th place: The Breitling Transocean – an elegant dress watch

A nostalgic homage to the watch design of the 1950s, the Breitling Transocean is the epitome of sporty elegance. This versatile collection is available in 38 or 43 mm casings, with several design variants, complications and limited editions. The Transocean with Breitling's chronograph function sells at CHRONEXT from £3,900.

5th place: Breitling Chronomat 44 – a sports watch with unisex appeal

The Breitling Chronomat is a sports watch that's equally popular with men and women. Launched in 1984 in time for its 100th anniversary, the collection marked a milestone in the company's history. Its tachymeter scale makes it easy to measure speeds. Issued in stainless steel, bicolour and rubber strap variants, the Breitling Chronograph Chronomat 44 is available for about £1,660 from CHRONEXT.

Breitling B01 – superior in-house movement

A superlative piece of watchmaking, the Breitling 01 is the Swiss company's first movement to be designed and engineered entirely in-house. Breitling's automatic chronograph movement can measure the time up to a duration of 12 hours, with a power reserve of around 70 hours to keep it ticking over. Breitling has installed the flagship B01 in the popular Navitimer series, as well as its Montbrillant models. As a rule, the presence of this movement adds a significant premium to the price of a Breitling chronograph. That said, you should still find some great deals at CHRONEXT. Alternatively, consider a more affordable option such as a chronograph with a quartz movement.