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Hublot Ferrari

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Hublot Ferrari: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Hublot Ferrari

Exclusivity, peak performances in technology, and world records – these are only some of the things that Hublot and Ferrari have in common. The cooperation between these two companies of superlatives has produced a series of excellent watches that fulfil the unparalleled standards of both. Apart from the Ferrari special editions that are part of the Hublot Big Bang lineup, the eternal relationship between the world of automobiles and the world of watches can truly be said to have reached a culmination point with the extravagant MP-05 LaFerrari.

Hublot and Ferrari

A Liaison of Superlatives


Hublot and Ferrari first announced their cooperation in November 2011. Both manufacturers have always represented luxury, top quality, and bold designs. Naturally, when two magnificently grandeur brands enter into a collaboration, expectations are raised sky-high. It comes as no surprise then that the resulting watch models have managed to surpass the greatest expectations and now, the Hublot Ferrari cooperation can look back on several outstanding pieces.

The collaboration has produced models such as the limited editions Big Bang Ferrari Carbon Red Magic (Ref. 401.QX.0123.VR) and Ferrari Magic Gold (Ref. 401.MX.0123.GR). Yet the highlight of their joint collection has undoubtedly been the legendary MP-05 LaFerrari.

Hublot Ferrari

A World of Opulence and Luxury

The cooperation between these two exquisite brands goes far beyond a joint collection of watches. The partnership also entails Hublot becoming the official timekeeper of Ferrari, meaning that the agreement covers all activities of both brands.

Joint events complement their fruitful collaboration: Whenever Ferrari presents a new racer, Hublot is right by their side – whether with a new watch model of their own or adorning the wrists of attending guests. A shared customer base and a shared philosophy allow for a common denominator between the two brands, guaranteeing the success of their cooperation. Both luxury brands know exactly what their clientele demand, and never cease to exceed those expectations.

Exclusive timepieces

The Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold and Big Bang Ferrari Red Magic

The appeal of the Hublot Ferrari models do not only derive from their inner workings and exterior design, but the exclusivity of the watch also plays a large part in its demand since many of the styles are only available in limited numbers.

The first watch born from the partnership was the Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold (Ref. 401.MX.0123.GR), which is only available second-hand today. This watch is characterised by the striking shape of its case and the innovative material from which it is made: Magic Gold is an alloy of 75% gold and 25% ceramics, and makes for an especially resistant surface. The rearing Ferrari horse graces the left half of the dial while the date window is displayed in typical Ferrari yellow.

Another exclusive model is the Big Bang Ferrari Carbon Red Magic (Ref. 401.QX.0123.VR), which was limited to 1000 units. This flyback chronograph sports a black carbon case with a 45mm diameter and stands out due to its red-tinted sapphire crystal. Even the wristband seams are incorporated in a Ferrari red.