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Rolex Starbucks

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Rolex Starbucks: Submariner in green

With the Rolex Starbucks (Ref. 126610LV), the Swiss Manufacture has opened a new chapter in the evolution of the green Submariner. The Rolex Starbucks 2020 is the third generation of the green diver's watch launched which premiered in 2003 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Submariner collection. Since then the model has enjoyed ever-increasing popularity. Like its predecessor models (the Kermit and the Hulk), the Starbucks is a classic Submariner model. However, this watch has that extra something thanks to the green accent, yet is still a perfect, reliable luxury watch for everyday use. At the same time, the Starbucks is an excellent investment. After the price of the Kermit (Ref. 16610LV) has already increased, both the Rolex Starbucks price and the price of the Hulk (Ref. 116610LV) have long since exceeded twice their list price.

Whether you are looking for a Rolex Starbucks, Hulk or Kermit, CHRONEXT has them all. Discover coveted, discontinued and limited bestsellers for immediate delivery. With us, you don't have to wait years for your dream model. You will find numerous collections such as the Submariner with guaranteed authenticity. This is what our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty stands for.

Rolex Starbucks vs Kermit

Similarities and differences

With the launch of the Rolex Starbucks Submariner, the manufacturer with the five-pointed crown has taken up the Kermit's restrained design. While both versions have a black dial and a green bezel, the Hulk, produced from 2010 to 2020, not only has a green bezel, but also a sunburst green dial. Nevertheless, the Starbucks is a further development of the Hulk, which is more modern than the Kermit Submariner not only in the technical sense but also in visual terms.

  • The Rolex Starbucks is a six-digit reference with a perfect case finish, a solid bracelet and a high-quality buckle with a Glidelock extension system.
  • The bezel of the Rolex Starbucks is made of ceramic (Cerachrome) (as is the bezel of the Hulk), while the Kermit has an aluminium bezel.
  • The Starbucks is the first to feature a Calibre 3235, which is 90 per cent composed of new components and includes the Rolex Chronergy escapement with 15% improved efficiency.
  • The case of the Starbucks has been slimmed down so that the watch once again has the classic proportions.

Rolex Starbucks, Hulk and Kermit

Both Kermit the Frog and the Marvel superhero Hulk and the coffee chain logo are green. After the Rolex Ref. 16610LV was given the nickname Kermit (simply "Frog" in German forums sometimes) due to its green colour, the name "Hulk" fit like a glove for the much wider and greener successor reference 116610LV. With the colour mix of black and green now back in place, the Starbucks finally got its name, which matches the black and green Starbucks logo. It will be interesting to see the names the community finds for future models.

Simple and secure

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