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Rolex Datejust Gold Watches

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Rolex Datejust Gold: From the gold bezel to the full gold model

Currently, only Lady-Datejusts are available in 18-carat full gold. However, the Datejust is best known for its gold ripple bezel and bicolour combinations (Rolesor Yellow and Rolesor Everose). For decades, the most elegant Rolex watches have been offered in a wide variety of versions. The Rolex Datejust gold is particularly rare and highly sought after on the vintage market, especially models with a black or green dial.

At CHRONEXT, you can find a wide selection of the Rolex Datejust gold available for immediate delivery. Discover attractive offers and benefit from fair value for money. All models have been inspected for authenticity by our certified CHRONEXT watchmakers and come with a 24-month warranty. This way, you enjoy maximum security.

A classic in precious metal

The Datejust is the oldest model in the Rolex portfolio. This watch has been available since 1945 and was presented on the manufacturer's 40th anniversary. The collection is considered Rolex's most classic timepiece and, depending on your point-of-view, the most elegant sports watch. That is precisely why warm gold tones suit the model so perfectly. In total, the Rolex Datejust gold is available in three different versions.

- Datejust in stainless steel: with white gold ripple bezel (Rolesor white)

- Datejust in bicolour: stainless steel with yellow gold or Everose gold (Rolesor yellow/Rolesor Everose)

- Datejust in gold: yellow gold, Everose gold or white gold (Rolesor yellow/Rolesor Everose/Rolesor white)

Rolex Datejust gold for men and women

With the change from five-digit to six-digit references in 2004, the Rolex Datejust gold for men was discontinued. On the one hand, this means that for Datejust gold men's models, one has to resort to a vintage variant. On the other hand, ladies are in luck, as the Rolex Lady-Datejust gold is still sold new. While there are 36-millimetre vintage Datejust gold models for men, the selection for ladies is much larger. Currently, the gold model for ladies is offered in 31 millimetres. However, on the second-hand market, you can also get the watch in 26, 28 and 34 millimetres.

Different dials

One of the biggest advantages of the Datejust is its variety of designs. In addition to the diameter, the bracelet and the bezel, the watch is available in several material combinations with a wide variety of dials. Thanks to decades of production, there are now numerous variants in which everyone can find their dream watch. The most sought-after is the Rolex Datejust in gold/black with a black dial or the particularly rare Rolex Datejust in gold/green. The green malachite dial represents one of the greatest rarities on the Rolex market and is highly prized by collectors and enthusiasts. The malachite dial alone can exceed the value of a Rolex Datejust in gold.

Buy a Rolex Datejust gold watch at CHRONEXT

Visit our online shop and discover attractive Rolex Datejust gold prices. In addition to new watches, we also offer numerous used luxury watches and vintage models each coming with a 24-month CHRONEXT warranty. We guarantee the authenticity of every watch, as each model is inspected by our certified watchmakers before every sale. Enjoy exclusive benefits when you buy with CHRONEXT today and enjoy comprehensive service. Free return shipping included.