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Rolex 116500LN

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Ref. 116500 – the most sought-after Rolex reference

The reference 116500LN belongs to the current Rolex Daytona in stainless steel. Since the appearance of the first Daytona with automatic calibre in 1988, this characteristic racing chronograph has been the most sought-after model in the Rolex collection. In the meantime, all generations of this model are in great demand: this applies both to the four-digit original references, of which only a few were produced, and to the five, and currently six, digit reference numbers.

Ref. 116500LN

Lunette Noire after 28 years

With the introduction of the Ref. 116500LN, Rolex has revived an old Daytona tradition. Even the reserved Swiss Manufacture, which relies on evolution rather than revolution, cannot completely escape the Heritage trend and has taken up some historical features with the Ref. 116500. The Rolex 116500LN shows that the current Daytona - just like the original models - again featuring a black bezel: LN stands for "lunette noir" (German: Schwarze Lünette). In addition, the manufacturer has given the current model the red Daytona lettering above the totalizer at six o'clock, which the four-digit vintage references already had.

What does the Ref. 116500LN reveal?

The reference numbers at Rolex can be broken down logically for the most part. It has already been explained that the LN of the Rolex 116500LN stands for "lunette noir". The zero at the end reveals that it is a stainless steel model, a three stands for a material mix of stainless steel and yellow gold, a one for a mix of stainless steel and Everose gold. On some models - such as the Rolex Datejust - the reference numbers also reveal whether the bezel is smooth or fluted.

The one in second place indicates that the Ref. 116500 has not yet been equipped with the latest generation of Rolex calibres. It is therefore conceivable, as with other models, that a Ref. 126500LN will be launched in the foreseeable future, featuring a reworked Rolex calibre with a higher power reserve and the new Parachrom hairspring.

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If you want to buy a Ref. 116500LN, you will need several years of patience with the local concessionaire - or you can buy the watch from us without detours or waiting times. In our online shop, you will find the Ref. 116500 as well as many other Daytona models that are only available elsewhere through long waiting lists. Thanks to our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty and the possibility of picking up your watch in person at one of our worldwide CHRONEXT lounges, you enjoy maximum security and comfort.