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Heuer Bundeswehr

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Heuer Bundeswehr: One of the most prominent German military watches

The epic design of the Heuer Bundeswehr is characterised by the sporty 43-millimetre stainless steel case with two pushers and the clear Bicompax-design dial. For this reason, original timepieces are sought-after collector's items with added value. The Heuer Bundeswehr is a popular vintage watch and is no longer in production. However, the company currently known as TAG Heuer continues to launch first-class watches onto the market.

At CHRONEXT you can not only find vintage Heuer Bundeswehr chronographs, but also other collector's pilot and military watches at fair prices. Our first-class service and 24-month CHRONEXT warranty are always included.

Heuer Bundeswehr

A pilot's watch made to measure

Specially developed for the pilots of the German Air Force, the Heuer Fliegeruhr Bundeswehr impresses with its excellent readability. This is ensured by the large white hour and minute hands on the black dial. One of the special features of the Heuer Bundeswehr is undoubtedly the flyback function. You can immediately start a new time recording by pressing a button just once.


  • Arabic numerals
  • Striking bezel
  • Two sub-dials
  • Leather bracelet with thorn close

The most important variants

The first series of the pilot's watch, after the fusion of Heuer and Leonidas, still bore the Leonidas logo and was issued to the Italian army. The most common version of the chronograph is the Heuer Bundeswehr 1550 sg. If the watch's hands and indices are coated with the radioactive luminous material tritium, it is indicated by a red "3H" at six o'clock. Among the rarest Heuer Bundeswehr watches are the stardate models 1551 SGSZ, which were specially manufactured for the artillery. With these, you can be absolutely sure of the Heuer Bundeswehr value.

Buy and sell a vintage Heuer Bundeswehr at CHRONEXT

Expertise is of utmost importance, especially when you buy Heuer Bundeswehr vintage models. At CHRONEXT, we check every Bundeswehr watch from Heuer for authenticity and quality and offer you a 24-month CHRONEXT warranty. Shipping is free of charge.

If you want to get a good Heuer Bundeswehr price when selling your vintage watch, we will handle the process professionally for you on our online platform. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and advise you on your selling options.