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Rolex 116613lb

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The Ref. 116613LB – the most summery Submariner

Ref. 116613LB is the most summery model of the Rolex Submariner Date, namely the bicolour (yellow gold/stainless steel) Submariner with blue bezel and blue dial. This attractive colour combination was already available in the previous five-digit references as Ref. 16613LB.

The unique feature of the reference is that the clock is pleasantly restrained inside the room or when there is little light, but in sunlight, it is a feast for the senses. Especially in contrast to the plain black stainless steel models, Ref. 116613LB is a hot-blooded, emotional and above all personal watch. Make a statement and discover the reference 116613LB with our unbeatable offers - available immediately and with a 24-month CHRONEXT warranty.

What does the reference 116613LB stand for?

The reference number already gives some information about the specific model, as Rolex assigns the reference numbers predominantly according to strictly logical criteria. The Rolex 116613LB encodes the following:

  • As the reference number has six digits, this is the latest generation of watches from Rolex, with wider cases with perfect finishes, solid bracelets and ceramic instead of aluminium bezels. Earlier generations have five- and four-digit reference numbers.

  • The eleven at the beginning shows that the Rolex 116613LB is not yet equipped with the newer caliber generation (otherwise the reference number would start with a 12). Nevertheless, the caliber used in the reference is one of the most sophisticated and reliable movements on the market.

  • The three in sixth place stands for the respective material, here bicolor (stainless steel/yellow gold). A one stands for a material mix of stainless steel and Everose gold, a zero stands for stainless steel.

  • The LB indicates the colour of the bezel - here: blue bezel (French: lunette bleu).

The dial of Ref. 116613LB

There are two variants of the reference 116613LB, which differ in a small but fine detail:

  • Until 2013, the Ref. 116613LB had a blue lacquered dial, also known as "aral dial".

  • Since 2013 the Ref. 113316LB has had a blue sunburst dial.

Which of the two dials deserves the preference is a question of taste. Depending on the incidence of light, the sun-brushed finish produces a colour spectrum that ranges from almost black to a vibrant blue, while the monochrome dial of the Rolex 116613LB shines permanently in a present shade of blue that offers a marked contrast to the case material. Whatever variant you desire, you will find it at CHRONEXT.

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