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Rolex Oyster Gold Watches

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Rolex Oyster Gold: waterproof case made of 18-carat gold

Rolex Oyster Gold watches are characterised by the typical water resistance and an 18-carat gold case. The case is made of either white, yellow or everose (rose) gold. The combination of the precious material and the reliable suitability for everyday use makes the Rolex Oyster 18K Gold a sought-after timepiece worldwide.

At CHRONEXT, you can get a wide selection of the Rolex Oyster in gold at an attractive Rolex Oyster gold price. Discover over 7,000 watches for immediate delivery and choose your dream model. You will also enjoy maximum peace of mind, thanks to our 24-month warranty that comes with every purchase, plus our watches are always inspected for authenticity by certified CHRONEXT watchmakers.

Rolex Oyster Gold and Rolex Oyster Perpetual Gold explained

Rolex has used the name "Oyster" since 1926, when the first waterproof watch case was introduced. Thus, every Rolex watch, except for the Cellini, has what is called an Oyster case. They bear this name because, due to their water-resistance of at least 100 metres, they protect the movement like a seashell protects the pearl inside. A Rolex Oyster Gold is therefore nothing other than a waterproof gold watch. The addition "Perpetual", as with the Oyster Perpetual in gold, on the other hand, stands for the automatic winding of the movement.

Each gold alloy used has a fineness of 18 carats (750/1000). The Swiss manufacturer operates its own gold foundry at one of its locations, where the gold alloys developed in-house are manufactured and processed.

Large selection

Due to the importance of the luxurious material, there are numerous Rolex Oyster gold models. While the Day-Date is still offered exclusively in gold and platinum, most other watches are available in stainless steel, bicolour or full gold. Due to the long success story of the traditional manufacturer, you can get numerous collections in gold in different conditions: new, used or vintage. In addition to Rolex Oyster gold watches for men, the manufacturer offers the Lady Datejust in gold — an attractive women's model that can be configured in many ways.

Popular Rolex Gold Watches

- Rolex Submariner in yellow gold

- Rolex GMT-Master in Everose gold

- Rolex Sky-Dweller in yellow and Everose gold

- Rolex Yacht-Master in white and Everose gold

- Rolex Daytona in yellow, white and Everose gold

Bicolour as an alternative: Rolex Oyster Perpetual in steel/gold

In addition to the Rolex Oyster gold models, the manufacturer also offers numerous steel/gold models in almost every collection. These are either made of stainless steel and yellow gold or stainless steel and Everose gold (rose gold). The advantage of these so-called bicolour models is that they are simpler and more robust than solid gold. Stainless steel is harder than gold and thus more resistant to scratches or notches. At the same time, bicolour combines the resistance of stainless steel with the luxurious look of gold. The bicolour models in the Submariner and Datejust collections are the most sought-after.

Buy a Rolex Oyster gold watch at CHRONEXT

At CHRONEXT, you can buy both the popular stainless steel watches as well as the most sought-after Rolex Oyster Perpetual gold models without waiting! All watches are available immediately or at short notice and come with a 24-month warranty after extensive inspection by our certified CHRONEXT watchmakers.

In addition, you not only have the opportunity to buy watches at CHRONEXT but also to sell them or trade them in. We offer you market-oriented prices and a transparent service throughout the entire transaction. Simply fill out our short enquiry form, and we will contact you with a non-binding offer.