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Rolex 1960 Watches

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Rolex 1960: The Decade of the Tool Watches

The Rolex 1960 models play a prominent role in the vintage scene. While Rolex began developing the first Professional models in the 1950s, the 1960s was the decade when the Tool Watch hype around the manufacturer really got rolling. Today, the 1960 models are more in demand than ever - and it is becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of authentic and well-preserved examples.

At CHRONEXT, you will find Rolex 1960 models as well as other vintage Rolex watches at attractive prices. Each model has been extensively checked for authenticity and quality by our certified watchmakers before sale and comes with our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty.

The 1960 models at a glance

While the Rolex Explorer 1960 was already seven years old and the Rolex GMT-Master 1960 celebrated its sixth birthday, the following two models were launched for the first time in these years:

  • Rolex Deepsea 1960: Launched directly in 1960 as Rolex Deepsea Special
  • Rolex Daytona 1960: Launched in 1963 (Ref. 6239)

While the Day-Date was presented in the 1950s, the famous Ref. 1803 of the Day-Date was only released ten years later. The Ref. 1803 is the best-known and also the most sought-after vintage reference of the Day-Date series. Incidentally, the same applies to the Rolex Submariner, which first saw the light of day in 1953, but later brought one of the most important vintage references onto the market in the 1960s with the Ref. 5513. Models like these show the immense importance the decade had and still has for the Professional models of the Swiss manufacturer.

The Ultimate Tool Watch

Rolex Deepsea 1960

One of the most exciting Tool Watches comes directly from the year 1960. In that year - on 23 January - the adventurers Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh, in their submarine, the Trieste, dived down to the bottom of the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench. It was the deepest dive in human history. Rolex SA, which has always supported the fields of sport, art and culture, research and science, supported not only this scientific experiment but also developed a special watch for this undertaking: the Deepsea Special. The watch was attached to the outer hull of the Trieste during the dive and did its work at a depth of around 11,000 metres just as precisely as it did on land. The Rolex Deepsea Special has an oversized dome-like Plexiglas to withstand the tremendous pressures in the deepest sea trenches on our planet.

Stories like this show the masterful technical achievements Rolex was already capable of in 1960.

Certified luxury watches

Buy Rolex 1960 Models at CHRONEXT

In our online shop, you can buy a Rolex 1960 in different conditions. We have new and unworn watches and also used watches and vintage models such as those produced by Rolex in 1960 and the following years. Our Rolex 1960 prices may vary depending on the condition of the watch.

Buyers are assured of 100 percent original watches since every watch we sell is extensively inspected by our certified CHRONEXT watchmakers before it is released for sale. Our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty assures you of the authenticity and quality of every watch - whether new, used or vintage! Thanks to this security, you can buy your dream watch online without worries and benefit from our comprehensive service. Free return shipping included.