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Rolex Stainless Steel

The Hype of Rolex Stainless Steel Models

Rolex stainless steel watches have been the world's most sought-after luxury watches for some years now. This applies not only to the best-selling models such as the Daytona but to almost all references made from the cool, sporty material. The value appreciation potential of the watches is still enormous. But the stainless steel models also cut a perfect figure on the wrist; there is hardly a better material for sports watches.

From Daytona to Day-Date: At CHRONEXT, you can buy a huge selection of Rolex stainless steel watches for immediate delivery. 100% original: Every model is inspecxted and authenticated by our certified CHRONEXT watchmakers before each sale. Our 24-month warranty included with every purchase.

Robust, aesthetic, in-house

For Rolex, stainless steel is as characteristic as the date magnifying glass. Even the first references of the most famous sports watches such as the Rolex Daytona, Submariner or GMT-Master were made from stainless steel. Except for the Day-Date, which is probably the most elegant model from the manufacturer, every model today is available in at least one stainless steel version. There is one simple reason: no other material is as reliable in professional use as stainless steel. Above all, Rolex stainless steel, which is developed in-house and manufactured in the company's own foundry, enjoys a high reputation.

The advantages of stainless steel

- Stainless steel is particularly strong and resistant.

- Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, it prevents oxidation and cannot tarnish.

- Stainless steel is compatible, allergies and skin irritations are very rare.

- Stainless steel is inexpensive compared to precious metals

Rolex stainless steel alloys: 316L and 904L

Until 1984, Rolex stainless steel was a 316L alloy. Only since 1985 has the newer 904L alloy been used. It was first introduced for the cases and was gradually used for bracelets in the 1990s. Rolex still uses the 904L alloy today. Since 2018, the Geneva-based manufacturer has been promoting the material under the official name "Stainless Steel Oystersteel". In the watch industry, the use of 904L stainless steel is almost exclusive to Rolex. In contrast to the 316L alloy, 904L is much more resistant to corrosion and abrasion. When compared directly, there is a small difference between the 316L and 904L Rolex Submariner models. The Rolex stainless steel 904L shines more.

Alternative : The steel/gold combination

The boom in steel models knows no end: from the 44-millimetre Rolex Deepsea stainless steel to the smallest Datejust models, demand has long outstripped supply. The high-quality 904L stainless steel is both the "steel-only" models and the steel/gold references (bicolour). For example, as a stainless steel and rose gold mix (Rolesor Everose) or as a stainless steel and yellow gold combination (Rolesor Yellow). The best of both worlds: With Bicolor, the robustness and sportiness of stainless steel meets the luxury and warmth of gold. Bicolour has experienced an upswing, especially in recent years. The mix of materials makes for a change from Rolex stainless steel watches. At CHRONEXT, you can also find a large selection of Rolex bicolour watches online.

Buy a Rolex stainless steel watch at CHRONEXT

At CHRONEXT, you can buy coveted models without waiting lists featuring plenty of attractive Rolex stainless steel prices. Whether you are looking for a men's or a women's steel watch, browse through our online shop and discover your dream specimen in Europe's largest Rolex assortment! We offer new as well as pre-owned and vintage watches with a certificate of authenticity. Each model is inspected and authenticated by in-house CHRONEXT watchmakers. 24 months warranty included.

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