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Rolex Everose Gold Watches

Rolex Everose Gold: The Most Durable Rose Gold Alloy in the World

With the Rolex Everose Gold alloy, the Genevan manufacturer introduced an exclusive rose gold mixture in 2005 that defies even the most adverse environmental influences. It retains its colour even after decades of use. From classic models to sporty tool watches, numerous Everose models are now available for every taste and requirement.

At CHRONEXT, you can get various immediately available coveted Rolex Everose Gold watches at attractive prices. All models have been inspected for authenticity by our certified CHRONEXT watchmakers and come with a 24-month warranty.

Rolex Everose Gold

Made to last

While conventional rose gold alloys fade and lose their hue over the years, the Genevan manufacturer succeeded in presenting a durable alloy in the mid-2000s. Even with regular contact with chlorine or saltwater, the Rolex Everose Gold does not lose its characteristic colour. This is due to a high copper content, which also gives the alloy its unmistakable appearance. The matt, finely shimmering red-gold tone of Everose gold captivates with warm elegance and flatters every skin type. At the same time, an Everose Rolex is far less conspicuous than watches in classic yellow gold.

From Datejust to Yacht-Master: Rolex Everose models

Many Everose gold timepieces can now be found in the Rolex collection. Choose from the classic Datejust in Everose to the sporty Everose Yacht-Master or the Daytona. Rolex offers both noble dress watches and tool watches designed for professional use. You can get Rolex Everose watches in the following collections:

  • Rolex Cellini (Full gold)

  • Rolex Datejust Everose (Bicolour)

  • Rolex Lady-Datejust Everose

  • Rolex Day-Date Everose (Full gold)

  • Rolex Daytona (Full gold)

  • Rolex GMT-Master Everose (Full gold and bicolour)

  • Rolex Sky-Dweller (Full gold)

  • Rolex Yacht-Master (Full gold and bicolour)

An alloy from the in-house gold foundry

Rolex develops and produces all the components of its luxury watches. The manufacturer has an in-house gold foundry where everose, yellow and white gold are produced according to secret formulas. The foundry was established in the early 2000s to master the process of gold production in-house. Meanwhile, Rolex perfected both the quality and the properties of the gold alloys used. The company's plan worked. Only a few years later, the enduring Rolex Everose Gold came onto the market.

Secure and simple

Buy and sell Rolex Everose Gold watches at CHRONEXT

In our online shop, you can buy the most sought-after Everose Rolex watches. This includes models like the GMT-Master or the Daytona without any waiting time. We offer luxury watches available immediately or at short notice and fair Rolex Everose Gold prices for new, pre-owned or vintage models. Thanks to our certified CHRONEXT watchmakers, you will only ever receive authenticated watches. We guarantee this with our 24-month warranty.

Additionally, you can trade-in or sell watches at CHRONEXT. Simply fill out our short enquiry form. We will contact you within a short time with a non-binding offer based on market-oriented sales prices. We take care of the shipping and offer you the greatest security and transparent service with continuous communication exchange from the time of collection to the final payout!