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Omega Seamaster Gold Watches

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Omega Seamaster Gold: From Vintage Dresswatch to Modern Toolwatch

The Omega Seamaster Gold can be both a noble timepiece and an exclusive professional diver's watch. While the vintage models score with their classic attitude as dress watches, the Seamaster became a Professional Diver with a helium valve in the 1990s. What all models have in common is that a gold case gives them an individual and luxurious silhouette. Additionally, the Omega Seamaster in gold offers you unique materials such as Sedna gold or a gold-titanium mix.

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An elegant model with two faces

The first models of the Seamaster, launched in 1948, were classic dress watches with fine leather straps. It was only in 1995 that the model finally became a professional diver's watch. The history of the collection can be divided into three periods:

- 1948 to 1956: The Seamaster gold watch (vintage) with fine, water-resistant dress watches. The most popular is the Omega Seamaster Gold Automatic.

- 1957 to 1994: The Seamaster in gold as a toolwatch; the first model was the Seamaster 300 Vintage; Seamaster dress watches were still produced.

- 1995 to today: Omega Seamaster Professional Diver with the first Bond watch.

Omega Seamaster gold models are available from all three eras. Every watch lover gets his or her money's worth: the newer a gold Seamaster is, the more extravagant and modern the watch. A classic gold model from 1960 is made as a stylish gold-tone vintage dress watch, while a modern Seamaster Diver in gold is a noble luxury watch. It turns the visual and tactile qualities of an all-gold Diver into a feast for the senses.

Omega Seamaster Gold/Titanium: Charming Bicolour Model

For some years now, bicolour has been very popular again. The mix of materials provides luxurious accents, but at the same time offers a high degree of suitability for everyday wear. The majority of the watch is still made of robust and simple materials such as stainless steel or titanium. Speaking of titanium, one of the most exciting Seamaster models in bicolour is the Seamaster Gold/Titanium. The Swiss manufacturer first produced this mix with the Seamaster Polaris in the 1980s. Omega also has several gold/titanium references in its current collection.

Precious metal since 1948

Gold watches have always played an important role at Omega. Even the early models of the Seamaster collection, which has been produced without interruption since 1948, were produced in stainless steel, yellow gold and rose gold too. In the meantime, Omega offers numerous precious metals that are developed in-house and produced locally. Two examples are Canopus gold (white gold) and Sedna gold (rose gold). Sedna gold has the advantage of being three times harder than pure gold. Thanks to its composition of gold (75%, i.e. 18 carats), rose gold, copper and palladium, the alloy captivates with a reddish depth of colour that is rarely found in rose gold. The innovative Sedna gold is used in the Seamaster gold watches.

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