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Rolex 126600

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Rolex 126600: The Red Sea-Dweller is back

The Rolex 126600 – also known as the Sea-Dweller – was presented in 2017 to mark the 50th anniversary of the collection. For this reason, the Ref. 126600 is nicknamed SD50 (Sea-Dweller 50th). The 43 millimetre model is distinguished by the fact that Rolex has given this watch a red Sea-Dweller logo on the dial for the first time in 40 years. Also, the Rolex 126600 is the first Sea-Dweller to feature a sapphire crystal with a date magnifying glass.

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Reference number 126600 in detail

With the reference numbers, you can already learn some details of the watch, because Rolex assigns the numbers systematically. The following can, therefore, be deducted from the Ref. 126600:

  • The six-digit reference number shows that the Ref. 126600 is a latest-generation Rolex model. The six-digit references are primarily characterized by excellent workmanship (solid straps, modern materials, perfect case grinding).
  • "2" in second place: The "2" in second place shows that the Rolex 126600 is equipped with a movement of the most modern generation (otherwise it would be a 1). The in-house calibre 3235 has a high power reserve of about 70 hours; the new Chronergy escapement and a blue Parachrom hairspring are already installed.
  • The "66" is a model-specific part of the reference number and indicates the Sea-Dweller. The previous references were the 16600, later the 116600. The SD50 launched in 2017 received the new calibre and was given the Ref. 126600.
  • The "0" at the end indicates that the watch is made of Rolex's own Oystersteel stainless steel.
The Reference 126600

The myth of the Sea-Dweller

For many watch lovers and Rolex collectors, the Sea-Dweller is something exceptional. While the Submariner is already one of the biggest watch icons, the Sea-Dweller, which belongs to the Submariner series, is something like the Toolwatch among the Toolwatches: it has a helium outlet valve that is attractive for professional divers and has higher water resistance.

In the case of the Rolex 126600, the water resistance is a lush 1,220 meters - around four times that of the Submariner. While the previous references only had a higher housing due to the better water tightness, Rolex has given the reference 126600 a larger housing at 43 millimetres.

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