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Porsche Design Chronograph

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Porsche Design Chronograph: A watch with pioneering spirit and tradition

The Porsche Design Chronograph is a watch with pioneering spirit and history. Born out of various collaborations and partnerships, the innovative sports watches have shaped the standards in the watch industry to this day and are regarded as functional timepieces around the globe. The company has proven many times that Porsche can do much more than luxury sports cars - not least with its extraordinary chronographs. Stainless steel, leather strap, red second hand and 40-millimetre case guarantee you sporty charm and maximum precision.

Whether Porsche Design Chronograph I or Porsche Design IWC Chronograph: At CHRONEXT, you can get a variety of sporty timepieces at attractive offers and always with a warranty of authenticity. We offer lower Porsche Design Chronograph prices plus free return shipping for every Porsche design purchased.

Porsche Design Chronograph

A chronograph with history

The Porsche Design Chronograph looks back on a long tradition: as early as 1973, shortly after its founding by Ferdinand A. Porsche, the company launched the Porsche Design Chronograph I in collaboration with the watch manufacturer Orfina. The chronograph was designed to be a stylish accessory for sports car drivers, but it ended up setting new standards. With a clear design inspired by vehicle design and a high-contrast, perfectly legible dial, the Chronograph 1 became known as the first watch with a black chrome case. With the calibre, they defied the triumph of quartz movements and equipped the chronograph with the Valjoux 7750 mechanical movement.

In 1980, Porsche Design once again broke new ground: in cooperation with IWC, they created the world's first chronograph with a case made entirely of titanium. When the company then took over the traditional watch company Eterna in the mid-1990s, the legendary Porsche Design Chronograph I made a comeback, which was based on the ideas of the company founder.

Porsche Design Timepieces AG has been operating its own watch manufacturing facility in Solothurn, Switzerland, since 2015. With the current collection, the brand message picks up on the pioneering spirit of the early years and remains true to tradition: the Porsche Design Heritage Chronograph with mechanical movement and clear design language, therefore, appears in an all-black titanium case.

Buy Porsche Design Chronographs at CHRONEXT

New, used or vintage: you can buy certified watches with confidence from us. Whether you are interested in a new Porsche Design chronograph from the current collection or would like to call one of the sought-after vintage models your own: At CHRONEXT, you can get a huge selection of over 7,000 watches online at attractive prices.

Buying watches is a matter of trust - we know that at CHRONEXT, which is why we guarantee all our customers the authenticity of all the models we offer. With every purchase, you receive our 24-month warranty and thus benefit from the service of our in-house master workshop. Free shipping to your home to personal pick-up at our pick-up lounges – we cater to your needs to ensure maximum security when you buy a Porsche Design chronograph.

If you are interested in selling your used Porsche Design chronograph, you have come to the right place. We will be happy to advise you about your options. For an expert valuation, you can simply fill out our short online form.