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Rolex Air-King Pre-Owned Models

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Buy Rolex Air-King pre-owned watches and save cash

One of the Swiss watchmaker's most renowned models, the Rolex Air-King is available used at CHRONEXT. The advantage of buying a Rolex Air-King pre-owned is that you can purchase this luxury accessory made of the finest materials at much less than it would cost new. In our online store you'll find a large selection of certified pre-owned watches all ready to be shipped right now.

Special features of Rolex Air-King watches

When you buy a Rolex Air-King used model, you're getting class, nostalgic appeal and technological know-how, all wrapped up in a great deal. Depending on the reference number, these watches have excellent value retention, making them a sound investment for the future.

Even at extreme altitudes, the Air-King works flawlessly and tells the time with unwavering precision. Thanks to their superior build quality, pre-owned Rolex Air-King models maintain this high level of precision for decades. 40 mm in diameter, the case is made of corrosion resistant Oystersteel stainless steel and covered with scratch resistant sapphire glass. At the heart of the watch is Rolex's celebrated 3131 perpetual movement. The high quality stainless steel Oyster band fastens with the firm's patented Easylink system to ensure a perfect fit on the wrist.

Rolex Air-King pre-owned watches – all features at a glance

By far the best known manufacturer of luxury watches in the world, Rolex has been in business for more than 100 years. From its base in Switzerland, it has taken the global luxury market by storm with its glittering portfolio. Customers love Rolexes because of their quality construction and the precision of their movements. The Air-King is Rolex's homage to mankind's long-held fascination with flight. The first model came out in 1958, and its style was intended to evoke the early years of aviation, particularly the 1930s. Rolex played a key part in that era's daring exploits, its Oyster watch featuring in the first large long haul flights, as well as the Mount Everest flight expedition by Sir Douglas Douglas-Hamilton in 1933. The early aviation pioneers appreciated the toughness and functionality of the Rolex on their wrist.

Buying and selling Rolex Air-King watches

If you want to buy a Rolex Air-King used watch, you'll find a trusted place to shop at CHRONEXT. Our ever-helpful staff are all passionate and knowledgeable about luxury watches. Each individual watch is thoroughly vetted in our master workshop before going on sale. While you might be paying the pre-owned price for a Rolex Air-King, in most cases you'll be buying a watch that looks and works like new. It's also possible to sell your Rolex Air-King pre-owned watch at CHRONEXT. Get in touch and we will help you to land the best deal.