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Day Date Watches


Watches with Day-Date from the CHRONEXT online shop

Date and the day of the week at a glance – this distinguishes the practical day-date function found on a large number of luxury watches from Rolex, Omega, Maurice Lacroix and others. The complication of watches with day and date displays goes back to a Rolex watch from 1956. This was when the Swiss watch manufacturer first presented the innovative men's Rolex Day-Date. The CHRONEXT online shop offers exclusive day-date models from many renowned watch brands.

CHRONEXT – our top 5 day-date watches

1. Rolex Day-Date

2. Tudor Date-Day

3. Breitling Day-Date Transocean

4. TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 Day-Date Automatic-Chronograph

5. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m Co-Axial Day-Date

Simple and practical – watches with a day-date function

As well as the date, watches with day-date functions also show the current day of the week on the dial. The implementation of this day of the week display stems from the luxury watch manufacturer Rolex. In 1956, a men's watch with day and date display was presented at the Basel Watch Fair. Called the Rolex Day-Date it featured a weekday display at 12 o'clock and was available in gold or platinum. It quickly became a statement watch and later became known as the President's Watch after President Dwight E. Eisenhower was given one to celebrate his re-election.

This new combination of the date and the day of the week turned out to be a practical function for everyday life. With just a glance at the wrist, you can see the correct time as well as the day of the week. Simple and timelessly elegant is how day-date watches from Rolex and other luxury watch manufacturers still present themselves.

The mechanism and setting of watches with day-date

Mechanical wristwatches are watchmaking works of art and extremely popular on the watch market. But how does the day-date complication work and how do you correctly set the watch? The operation of these sensitive watches with their mechanical technology is achieved with just a few steps. The basic principle with mechanical watches is that the more complicated the watch, the more sensitive it is.

High-quality watches are equipped with countless gears that mesh precisely to correctly display all their functions, such as the date and day of the week. When setting the time, you should always make sure to move the hands or days of the week forward rather than backwards. The date display, in particular, is a sensitive complication. It updates itself at a certain time depending on the watch model. With all day-date watches, the date should be set first followed by the time in order to protect the precision mechanics of your watch as much as possible. Usually, you set the date and day of the week by turning the crown either clockwise or counterclockwise. Then the correct time can be set.

The first day-date models from Rolex had housings that were surprisingly large for the time. This was because the day of the week mechanics required additional space. Nevertheless, the Day-Date and subsequently the Day-Date II became the company's most successful watch models, establishing themselves as Rolex flagships. The Rolex Day-Date still carries a high-recognition value.

Rolex Day-Date: A legend among watches with day-date

Back in the 1950s, the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date from the house of Rolex was the first watch to not only have a date display but also a day of the week display. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date is considered a classic in the watch industry and adorns many famous wrists to this day.

Rolex has always surprised with its production of innovative and high-quality luxury watches. It showed with its development of the day-date function that Rolex watches are more than simple timepieces. Always made of fine materials, Rolex Day-Date models equally impress with their technological innovation and design. They're considered to be watchmaking masterpieces.

A Rolex Day-Date on the wrist always looks good, demonstrating self-confidence and elegance while the variety of Rolex Day-Date watches leaves nothing to be desired for meeting personal taste. High-value, high-quality and versatile - this is how the star of day-date watches has presented itself for over half a century.

Buy men's and women's wristwatches with day and date online

Watches with day and date displays work as practical companions to everyday life as well as being elegant enough for evening events. Are you looking for a day-date watch from Rolex, Omega or another luxury brand? Then let the extensive collection at CHRONEXT inspire you. You can order your dream watch from the comfort of your own home. Whether a Rolex Day-Date or a Rolex Day-Date II - CHRONEXT has top offers for you. Our Rolex day and date watch prices are always reasonable.