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With its exceptional watch designs, Corum has long had a permanent place among the renowned watch manufacturers of Switzerland. Models such as the Corum Admiral's Cup and the Golden Bridge represent milestones in watch design history.

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Corum : prix et histoire des modèles neufs et vintage

Discover the world of Corum watches online

With its exceptional watch designs, Corum has long had a permanent place among the renowned watch manufacturers of Switzerland. Models such as the Corum Admiral's Cup and the Golden Bridge represent milestones in watch design history.

  • Founded in 1955, Corum quickly established itself as a manufacturer of luxurious timepieces with pioneering mechanical solutions.

  • The company's headquarters are in the heart of the Swiss watch industry at La Chaux-de-Fonds.

  • Corum's collections are famous for unusual watch designs such as the Corum Tabogan which transforms simply from a wristwatch to a table clock.

  • Corum is heavily involved in the sailing world, an involvement reflected in its popular sports model – the Corum Admiral's Cup.

Corum timepieces – the spirit of creativity


High-quality Corum watches are manufactured in the company's own La Chaux-de-Fonds facility in the Jura canton. Since its foundation in 1955, the brand has issued numerous watch models which with their unusual designs are immediately recognisable as Corum watches. The Admiral's Cup collection, along with Romulus, Golden Bridge, Tourbillon & Classical, Coin Watch and Artisan timepieces, impresses with its first-class design and individual aesthetic.

A taste for extravagant designs runs through the Corum's history, setting it apart from the crowd. An early example of Corum's enthusiasm for innovation is the Coin Watch launched in 1964: this extraordinary model is a watch with a wafer-thin movement, the body of which is made from a historic $10 or $20 coin. There are Eagle and Double Eagle models, representing a slice of US history. They have even been worn by American presidents and other celebrities.

In 1966, the manufacturer also ventured into new watch design territory with the Corum Romulus (Romvlvs). As a tribute to the founder of Rome, the Roman numerals on this circular wristwatch are stamped on the bezel rather than being fixed to the dial.

Corum – watches of a special kind

Original ideas that shook up the world of watchmaking

Why not go in a new direction with watch dials? In 1970, Corum did just this with its Feather Watch, showing how many options there are for both dial design and materials. The dial of the Feather Watch is embellished with a peacock feather. By combining this with a red-gold case and leather strap, Corum created a true work of art. A later edition saw it given a fresher, more contemporary look.

An absolute high point of Corum history was the Corum Tabogan, a wristwatch with a sophisticated mechanism that allows it to be quickly turned into a table clock. The metal bracelet converts into a watch stand - an ingenious invention patented by Corum in 1997.

Corum Admiral’s Cup

A jewel for sailors and seafarers

For the occasion of the Admiral's Cup, among the most important international maritime competitions for ocean-going yachts, Corum developed a famous watch line that bears the same name. It had a huge impact on shaping the brand's history and mission statement and has been reinterpreted through several editions.

The first Admiral's Cup model was launched in 1960, just three years after the first race. The very first Admiral's Cup watch had little in common with newer models in the series: the waterproof sailor's watch with a square case and engraved sailboat on the back has, over the years, developed into the design we see today. Today's Admiral's Cup watch owes its high recognition value to a case with twelve pointed indices and the nautical symbols that adorn the bezel on some models.

The Admiral's Cup Tide Watch was launched in 1993 and represented a tiny revolution for sailing: thanks to its caliber CO277. This exclusive watch delivers useful information about the current lunar cycle, the time and strength of tides, water levels and current strengths. Whether a professional athlete, an amateur sailor or simply a watch lover – with its variety of Admiral's Cup models, Corum offers the perfect timepiece for everyone. Current watches in the Corum Admiral's Cup collection are available in a variety of configurations: the Corum Admiral's Cup Legend, AC-ONE and Seafender all surprise with a multitude of sophisticated complications.

Corum Golden Bridge

The star among Corum watches

The elongated Corum Golden Bridge with its narrow bar movement is one of Corum's most famous models. The unusual case shape is combined with innovative technology to make this watch a prime example of the brand's inventiveness.

The watch was developed by the brilliant Vincent Calabrese who has been designing special watches since the 1970s. His idea for a linear gear transmission was completely new to the watch market. It is not only the shape, however, that is special about the Golden Bridge but also the creative connection between the clockwork and the case. The two components only meet at two points – 6 o'clock and 12 o'clock. Calabrese's goal of creating as few points of contact as possible between "inside" and "outside" was perfectly fulfilled. The original Corum Golden Bridge from 1980 and a reinterpretation of the famous model for the company's 50th anniversary are both extremely popular with watch collectors.