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Rolex Platinum Watches

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A special place in the hearts of watch enthusiasts: Rolex platinum models

Rolex manufactures fascinating timepieces from a wide variety of alloys, but there's one material that occupies a special place in the hearts of watch enthusiasts: platinum. With its silver-white look and its radiant luminosity, this noblest of all metals is as rare as it is precious. The Geneva company's watches are crafted exclusively from their in-house Rolex Platinum 950 alloy, which is usually mixed with ruthenium. This is the only way to ensure both a robust construction and a brilliant finish.

From the Rolex Daytona to the Rolex Day-Date, discover these breathtaking creations from Switzerland and learn more about the sporty and elegant design of Rolex's platinum masterpieces.

How a Rolex platinum watch is made

Platinum is one of the densest and heaviest of metals, with physical and chemical properties that are uniquely fascinating. It's soft, elastic, capable of being shaped and reshaped, and yet at the same time it's extremely resistant to corrosion.

The processing and polishing of platinum require the highest level of specialist technical expertise. Consisting of a platinum content of 950 parts per thousand, Rolex's 950 alloy is manufactured in the company's own fine metal workshops in Geneva. Turning this precious material into a finished timepiece requires the utmost skill and precision, but the results speak for themselves, exuding luxury and exclusivity.

Noble and opulent: platinum Rolex collections at a glance

Rolex platinum Yacht-Master

The maritime Rolex Yacht-Master impresses with its striking platinum bezel, which can be rotated in both directions. Thanks to its close connection to the sailing world, this elegant, sporty model is the perfect companion for adventurous regatta competitors, not to mention general sports enthusiasts.

Rolex platinum Daytona

The case, bracelet, clasp and backing of this coveted watch are all made of platinum. With its ice-blue dial, this motor racing-inspired timepiece is one of the icons of the luxury watch industry and among Rolex's most sought after models worldwide. The platinum Rolex Daytona also has a functional tachymeter scale and practical chronograph feature.

Platinum Rolex Day-Date

Originally launched in the 1950s, the Rolex Day-Date with weekday display has also been available in platinum for several years. The watch is equipped with the legendary presidential bracelet that's equally suitable for male and female wrists. Most models come with an attractive ice blue dial, but if you prefer, you can also order a Day Date in muted colours such as dark blue, black or khaki.

Rolex platinum Datejust 28

The Rolex Datejust in platinum with date display and cycloplupe for easier legibility is a true classic among luxury watches. The epitome of style and elegance, it's no wonder that the Datejust series has been extremely popular ever since its introduction in 1945. A. The platinum version in particular radiates pure luxury, and the 28mm model is the perfect women's watch for every situation.

The rumour mill speaks: the Rolex Submariner in platinum?

Shortly before the Baselworld 2018 watch fair, the Rolex rumour mill went into overdrive. Speculation was rife about a new Cellini with chronograph function, but there was also much talk of a possible update of the legendary Rolex Submariner in platinum. To date, the platinum version of the Submariner only exists in the land of fantasy, but who knows – maybe Rolex will surprise us with a new version of the famous diving watch in the next few years and cause a sensation?

Rolex platinum watch – price check

Platinum is a rare, precious metal. As a consequence, Rolex platinum models are correspondingly expensive – usually in the region of five digits. Compared to a brand new model, however, you can save money by buying a pre-owned watch, and there's every chance it might even appreciate in value over time.

As a rule, models from the Day-Date or Datejust collections are more affordable than ones from the Daytona series. Conversely, a Platinum Rolex with diamonds will be in the higher price range. Browse our online store and discover a fair deal on Rolex platinum watches.