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Roger Dubuis Watches

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Roger Dubuis: the history and prices of new and vintage models

The Geneva-based manufacturer, Roger Dubuis is renowned for consistent quality and its meticulous approach based on the traditional values of Swiss watchmaking. The label finishes its watches with impressive calibers from its own workshops. These movements have been certified by the Geneva Seal, a highly-regarded prize awarded to mechanical watches made in Geneva.

  • The Roger Dubuis story began in Switzerland in 1995.

  • It is one of the few watch manufacturers to produce and test the components of each watch in-house.

  • Unique within the industry – all of the label's calibers have been awarded the coveted Geneva seal or "Poinçon de Genève".

  • The Excalibur, launched in 2005, is one of the collection's core models.

Since 1995

Roger Dubuis – a young manufacturer with high standards

Roger Dubuis watches are easily distinguishable from models produced by other manufacturers. With their deliberately extravagant design and sophisticated workmanship, these timepieces are immediately eye-catching. Although the company was only founded in 1995 and is undoubtedly a youngster among Swiss watchmakers, Roger Dubuis quickly established itself among Genevan watch manufacturers while brilliantly demonstrating its authority.

The Roger Dubuis story began in the Swiss town of Carouge which is located in the canton of Geneva. It was here that the talented watchmaker Roger Dubuis along with the entrepreneur Carlos Dias founded a new and forward-looking watchmaking company. Dubuis brought many years of experience in the field of Haute Horlogerie to his new business while Carlos Dias had already worked for several watch companies. Just one year after opening, the brand launched its first series of watches named Hommage, a tribute to the work of renowned watchmakers. This was followed by further striking collections which included TooMuch, MuchMore and GoldenSquare.

The Roger Dubuis watch collections

Excalibur, Heritage and La Monégasque

This manufacturer, now based in Meyrin (Geneva) attracts the attention of watch enthusiasts around the globe with its unusual designs. Each luxurious Roger Dubuis watch is unique, bold and in its own way, extravagant meaning it cannot be compared to any other watch. The unmistakable style of Roger Dubuis is characterised by an oversized case with a see-through back, striking Roman numerals and an imposing crown.

In 2005, the company issued Excalibur – a watch design that was the ultimate in Roger Dubuis aesthetics. The Excalibur made a name for itself with its striking round case, characteristic crown guard and elongated Roman numerals; it became a flagship model of the brand. Today, the Excalibur not only looks back on a history rich with special models and limited editions but is a line that continues to evolve and develop.

In addition to the Excalibur, the Roger Dubuis collection also offers masterpieces such as La Monégasque and Pulsion. And, as it did in the 1990s, the Hommage line still remains an integral part of the label's range while the graceful creativity of the Velvet sits particularly well on women's wrists.

Made in Geneva

Watches with Geneva hallmarks

The special attraction of Roger Dubuis watches undoubtedly lies in their contrasting interplay of bold, avant-garde designs with traditional watch technology measured by the time-honoured values of Swiss watchmaking. Top priorities for Roger Dubuis are the quality of materials and the precision and performance of movements. To guarantee these qualities, all watch movements are manufactured in the label's own production facility where they also undergo a series of stringent tests.

To underline these high standards, Roger Dubuis has the quality of all calibers certified with the Geneva seal. In order to receive this coveted award, watches have to meet a number of strict criteria laid out by the Timelab Foundation. The production, composition and regulation of all parts must take place in Geneva; material quality and mechanical construction are regulated while numerous other properties must meet these strict requirements. A model bearing the Geneva seal is, therefore, a watch of excellent quality from the heart of Swiss watchmaking. Achieving this Geneva hallmark for every single watch is one of the corporate principles of Roger Dubuis. There are only a handful of other manufacturers who can match this claim of superiority.

For the love of fine watchmaking

Masterpieces by Roger Dubuis

The interiors of Roger Dubuis watches impress with their aesthetics and mechanical finesse. A prime example of this Genevan manufacturer's savoir-faire is the Flying Tourbillon caliber which is intended to compensate for any motion inaccuracies caused by gravity. The fascinating feature of this mechanism is not just its function but its complicated construction which requires many years of experience along with a special touch. Alongside this complexity, the Flying Tourbillon RD0829 also features a breathtaking combination of minute repetition and a perpetual calendar, something used in the special edition Excalibur.

The manufacturer excels itself once more with the calibers of the Quartuor range thanks to its innovative construction. This consists of four escapements with an inclined balance, a feature that compensates for the errors of gravity in a way never seen before.

A hallmark of the house, however, is the Skeleton caliber with its elaborate skeletonisation. This comes into its own in watches without dials. Here the wearer is given a clear view of the delicate watch mechanics, a feature considered an ultimate example of Haute Horlogerie.

In addition to such unconventional and inventive calibers, classic movements are available in the Roger Dubuis watch collection. These include perpetual calendar or world-time watches. Stylish chronographs also feature in the Geneva manufacturer's range. The Excalibur 42 Chronograph is one such example.

From Excalibur to Velvet

Coveted Roger Dubuis watches at CHRONEXT

Roger Dubuis watches are true masterpieces, successfully demonstrating fine craftsmanship combined with a spirit of technical innovation. Discover four of the most sought-after models at CHRONEXT: