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Porsche Design Watches

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Porsche Design: History, Models and Prices. New & Vintage.

Modern timepieces & technical refinement: Porsche Design

Discover the world of the Porsche Design watches online.

Founded by Ferdinand A. Porsche, Porsche Design combines fine watchmaking with an unmistakable aesthetic. Since 1972, the company has enriched the world of watches with a number of legendary pieces including the Ocean 2000 or the Chronograph I. The spirit of the latter timepiece has continued to thrive in the current Chrono Timer Series 1.

  • The founder of Porsche Design, Ferdinand A. Porsche is the creative mind behind the design of the Porsche 911.
  • The 1973 Chronograph I revolutionised the watchmaking world with its bold black aesthetics.
  • From 1978 to 1995, Porsche Design watches were manufactured at IWC Schaffhausen and later by Eterna.
  • In 2014, Porsche presented its first self-developed watch – the Chronotimer Series 1.
Courageous inventiveness

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche – the founder

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche is the grandson of the Porsche founder and the designer of the legendary Porsche 911. He founded the company Porsche Design in 1972. The genius behind Porsche Design GmbH set out to create a timepiece that perfectly pairs with famous sports cars. Much like the speedometer and the tachometer designs of the Porsche 911 automobile, the dials of Porsche watches are created in black to ensure optimal legibility. The first watch to be presented by Porsche Design is the world famous Chronograph I, which debuted in 1973 and features a matte black case that is comprised of stainless steel. Later on, another version of the timepiece was released with a glass-bead-blasted case and a stainless steel bracelet.

A special feature of the legendary Chronograph I is evidently, its sleek black case. Generally today, timepieces are comprised of a gold or silver a tone, which makes the Chronograph I stand out from the rest of the crowd. Furthermore, the dial of the watch is completely black and fitted with contrasting white indices, allowing for great legibility, and furthermore, does away with any possibility of glare. The Chronograph I provides the best readability in variously lit environments and is the ideal companion for everyday situations.

Porsche Design and IWC

After Porsche Design initially collaborated with Swiss watchmaker Orfina, Ferdinand A. Porsche soon discovered a partner who shared a complete passion for innovation and design – that being no other than the renowned IWC. In 1978, the legendary cooperation began presenting a series of unique timepieces.

A distinctive timepiece resulting from the collaboration is the Compass Watch. The masterpiece combines and automatic movement with a compass feature, which is fitted into the base of the case and is optionally removable. The case of the watch is comprised of two components – an upper component which consists of the dial, and a lower component that consists of the compass. The upper part of the case is fitted to the lower part via a hinge and can thus be folded upward revealing the watch compass. The original compass watch was made of aluminium and Porsche Design continued to launch even more variants later on.

A watchmaking revolution was the launch of the Titan Chronograph in 1980. The timepiece was the first watch to embody a case and watch bracelet made of titanium. An especially impressive design feature of the watch is the clever integration of the cylindrical case with the sleek elements of the dial. The Ocean 2000 has, without a doubt, marked a success story for Porsche Design. This particular timepiece was designed on behalf of the German Navy, and thanks to its sturdy titanium construction, the watch is also water resistance up to 200 bar, corresponding to a depth of 2,000 meters.

Collaboration with Eterna

Legendary models

Since the mid-1990s, Porsche Design has collaborated with the prestigious watch company Eterna SA in Grenchen, and throughout the years has put forth many stylish watch collections. By this time, considering the fact that the contractual agreement between Porsche Design and IWC had run its course, Porsche design began to develop models with Eterna.

Porsche Design remembers its long-standing history with each and every one of its watch designs. In 2012, the special edition Compass Watch (P6520) and Titanium Chronograph (P6530) were launched and limited to 911 copies each. Earlier creations from the watchmaking company include the great P6930 Indicator with a case made of PVD-coated titanium, the popular Heritage collection, the Flat Six models, and of course, the compass watch 1978 World Timer with its diverse variants.

In our online shop, you will also find the Porsche Design Chronograph, which convinces with high functionality as well as with modern design.

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