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Omega Speedmaster Pre-Owned

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The advantages of buying an Omega Speedmaster Pre-Owned watch

When you buy an Omega Speedmaster Pre-Owned watch, you can benefit from a range of attractive advantages. For example, if you're looking for a limited edition, a discontinued reference number or something vintage, Omega Speedmaster used models offer some intriguing options. Thanks to their first class quality and iconic design, timepieces from this renowned Swiss manufacturer are among the most sought after luxury watches in the world. And depending on the reference number, they have significant investment potential too. Discover the legendary world of Omega Speedmaster as you join us on a browse through their stunning archives.

Pre-owned Omega Speedmaster Moon Watches

The first Omega Speedmaster models earned a place in the history books when they accompanied the Apollo 11 crew on their mission to the moon in July 1969. Needless to say, this added hugely to their prestige, and soon everyone wanted to own a Moon watch. In honour of this success story, the company launched several strictly limited special editions. These include a number of Omega Apollo 11 anniversary models as well as some fascinating entries in the Speedmaster '57 series. At CHRONEXT you can buy used Omega Speedmaster models at a keenly competitive price right now – no waiting lists.

A watch that saves lives

As if it weren't enough that the Speedmaster made it to the moon, in 1970 it helped three people escape a potentially fatal situation. After the on-board technology failed due to an explosion, the Apollo 13 had to make an emergency landing. Using his mechanical watch, astronaut Jack Swigert managed to calculate the exact time of ignition so that the command module could splash down safely back on Earth.

Years before this incident, Omega had already been cultivating a close connection with the aerospace sector. From now on, the two would be inextricably linked. The Speedmaster Professional is still standard equipment for astronauts today.

Pre-Owned Omega Speedmaster price check

You can buy the Omega Speedmaster at reduced prices by opting for a used model. The exact nature of the deal will depend upon factors such as the reference number, condition and rarity. Pre-Owned Omega Speedmaster Day Date models, for example, are available at a very reasonable price on the used market. However, in the case of strictly limited watches or one of the older reference numbers, you should expect to pay significantly more. Rare Speedmaster editions are extremely popular with collectors, in tune with their prestige and iconic place in history.

At CHRONEXT you'll find one of the largest selections of Omega Speedmaster Pre-Owned watches. Every single item has been checked for authenticity and quality by our master workshop and comes with a cast iron 24 month CHRONEXT warranty. So you can look forward to total peace of mind and a friendly, helpful service when you buy one of our luxury watches. In addition, you can order online and pick your watch in person in one of our world wide pick-up locations. Our employees in the Boutique in UK, London will welcome you warmly and are happy to help you to get your perfect Omega Speedmaster Pre-Owned watch.

Selling luxury Omega Speedmaster Pre-Owned watches

CHRONEXT isn't only great for buying luxury timepieces, it's the ideal place for selling them too. If you want to part with a pre-owned Omega Speedmaster, please contact our team of experienced specialists. We will help you get the best possible deal – whether by trading in, commission or direct sale – and make you an attractive offer. Get in touch with us by phone, email or live chat and we will be happy to run through all the options. Alternatively, simply complete a short online form and you'll hear from us within a couple of days.